Xiaomi Redmi 7

Xiaomi Redmi 7

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  • j
  • jack09
  • sUS
  • 04 May 2023

This phone is good but its very hang

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    • Anonymous
    • CbD
    • 10 Mar 2023

    I Am Also A Redmi 7 User My Opinion - 1)This Is Not For Gaming 2)This Mobile Is Very Lag 3) And When I Watch Youtube And Other Socil Media When Iam Scrol Down Is Very Lag
    So Don't Buy This Mobile
    Thanks To GSMAREA For Shared My Opinion

    To Other About Redmi 7😇

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      • Adhi
      • xhm
      • 06 Mar 2023

      Ken G, 01 Feb 2023oppo a3s or redmi 7??it's clear redmi 7

        • K
        • Ken G
        • s88
        • 01 Feb 2023

        Dragoncho, 31 Jan 2023In june i'll be completing my 4 year of using this pho... moreoppo a3s or redmi 7??

          • D
          • Dragoncho
          • pcn
          • 31 Jan 2023

          In june i'll be completing my 4 year of using this phone, still holds his own (32/3gb version). Battery still good, but i never played games on it. Performs better than newer xiaomis. It's the best value-for-money phone that i've ever had.

            • C
            • Clauds
            • tDU
            • 12 Jan 2023

            My experience using this phone is good, I am a student and had no problem except the memory because,I had the 2/16 version.
            I'm using it for WhatsApp, Google meet, and other light usage. After 2years, I had to change the battery.
            I have to change my phone in 2022 because modern app kept using more ram.

            Overall, Its a pretty good phone for it price back then. But for this time, i recommend buying newer budget phone.

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              • Serj
              • J9q
              • 18 Dec 2022

              Stone, 05 Dec 2022Using it since 2019, still working great.It's a pretty decent phone

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                • W4n7ed2008
                • BP}
                • 09 Dec 2022

                I still have it...after 3 years its the same like new, the problem its battery drain fast, if i change the battery its like new (best smartphone) and i changed a lot of them (max 2 years)

                  • S
                  • Stone
                  • uC3
                  • 05 Dec 2022

                  Using it since 2019, still working great.

                    • T
                    • Tanho
                    • fu%
                    • 22 Nov 2022

                    I've been using it's since 2019 and so far I've not complained of any serious issues accept minor issues. Wanna buy another one, how much is it now? In dollars

                      • A
                      • Alland
                      • K32
                      • 03 Nov 2022

                      Got it in 2019 32gb 3 of ram and still works like a charm, very smooth, I open many apps at once with almost no delay to switch between them... And later I realize there are fake ones that have a lot of issues, dodge the bullet on that one.

                      I was thinking to replace my phone with one with a larger screen but there's just not enough reason, I guess I'll go for a tablet instead for some apps and videos and keep my phone as it is.

                        • R
                        • Rohan
                        • 56G
                        • 01 Nov 2022

                        I have a redmi 7 mobile phone and I hate this phone becouse this phone full fill with problems one of the most problem in redmi 7 are hanging or more problems are faces me with this phone when I was using this phone some places or any important work like payment method or ordering something this phone phone are hanged 2 or 3 minutes.. according to these reasons I prefer to all of you #don't_buy_redmi 7 .
                        I hate this phone 😡

                          • H
                          • Happy
                          • rJ4
                          • 22 Oct 2022

                          Mubs, 31 Oct 2021Redmi 7Very hanging problem my redmi 7

                            • L
                            • Laurence
                            • y6V
                            • 10 Oct 2022

                            Anonymous, 30 Nov 2021Yeah, but I just don't understand why the redmi 7A whi... moreYeah i had to change to redmi 7 to 7a because of bugs and screen broken

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                              • Ajmal
                              • ypc
                              • 26 Sep 2022

                              deepka, 17 Jul 2022do they sell fakes on amazon? Yes, Amazon and Flipkart both have fake or refurbished phones. Better buy from redmi website. I bought once from Amazon which was sold as new but later i found out it was refurbished phone. Then i tried Flipkart which was not even a real redmi phone. It was totally fake. The imei number was not issued by redmi. We can cross check imei numbers in redmi website. That's how I found out.

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • Hyh
                                • 20 Sep 2022

                                Uncles basement , 14 Sep 2022Does this phone have miui 12yes

                                  • U
                                  • Uncles basement
                                  • MG5
                                  • 14 Sep 2022

                                  Does this phone have miui 12

                                    • C
                                    • C4Tz
                                    • 8IC
                                    • 04 Aug 2022

                                    it was a good phone in 2019 - 2020 for price and performance for only 130-120$ 3gb/32gb and 4000mah. but at present, nobody should make a bad review because it is not a competition in the market and its time has passed.

                                      • d
                                      • deepka
                                      • vGc
                                      • 17 Jul 2022

                                      Panda, 05 Jul 2022You bought the fake one do they sell fakes on amazon?

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                                        • I-kay
                                        • mFd
                                        • 06 Jul 2022

                                        Aditya A, 05 Jul 2022This was my first smartphone. I will suggest strictly do no... moreIts a nice phone it really is upgradable to android 10
                                        but before you buy examine the box of the phone to know which storage you got