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Xiaomi Redmi 9

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  • Omer

ceanosri, 04 May 2021Everyone planning to buy new one, Just buy 4GB ram varia... moreAgreed.4gb variant is the value of money

  • ceanosri

Everyone planning to buy new one,

Just buy 4GB ram variant nothing lesser.

For the budget you won't be disappointed.

Does anybody know how many androids, xiaomi phones usually get?

I noticed a red light blinking right above the screen when turning on the auto brightness is it normal or it's a problem in my device, if someone have the device can check this for me will be grateful

  • Rondo

TheDeath888, 01 May 2021So as a long term user of Samsung, I finally switched to Xi... moreMine have it camera is not good and battery is worst after update miui 12

  • TheDeath888

So as a long term user of Samsung, I finally switched to Xiaomi about 3 months ago and I must say this phone is awesome! I bought the 3gb variant even that performs really well.. I have over 20 different apps and games installed and non of them lag.. and for those who complain that the phone lags, maybe close the 100 other apps you have running in the background..cos even a super computer will lag if you push it hard enough. Anyways..back to my review.. yeah..the phone is awesome.. I played cod and pubg and those play flawlessly too without any lag or over heating even when I use my phones data rather than wifi.. and finally the battery life is just amazing.. can easily get through a day with continues usage.. like for an hour of youtube with phone data on, about 7 to 8% battery tends to drop.. so, do the math and you will see how good the battery is.. if I have one complain though, that is the phones OS takes up lots of space so I regret buying the 3gb version cos it only comes with 32gb internal storage and only 20gb or so is usable.. So in conclusion..the phone is awesome and even the 3gb ram variant runs flawlessly but if you want to have a lotta of games and apps installed, go for the 4gb 64 gb variant of higher.

Also, to anyone having issues with the proximity sensor.. if you have a tempered glass with a black boarder around it, remove it right away cos it will mess with the proximity sensor.. I had one installed when I bought the phone itself and it completely stopped the sensor from working.. but as soon as I noticed the black boarder, I took it off and now it works fine..

  • GalitSaRedmi9

Redmi 9 is so slow, the 3/32 variant is so slow. Don't buy that one because the system eats up 2 gb of ram and you have 1 gb left, why do I think so? It,s in the app used button in the below of the screen that says 1 gb of 3 gb. It lags, the camera is so dumb, the system rom is also dumb, eats up 11 gb of your space.

  • Rondo

zarkoff, 30 Apr 2021excatly. xiaomi is great brand, but from the other side, f*... moreI want downgrade to miui 11 but its say "sorry flash older not allowed"

Anonymous, 30 Apr 2021Nono, and no thanks.
I'll make a downgrade to miui 11 from miui 12 and be very happy.

Rondo, 26 Apr 2021Dont happy with battery miui 12 before this update battery ... moreexcatly. xiaomi is great brand, but from the other side, f*ck their miui's. and I am not sure but I think selfie is little bit worse now. I'll ask my friend to do a downgrade to miui 11. He knows to do that.

  • Anonymous

icewiz1080p, 09 Apr 2021Did this get Android 11 update?No

  • Grey man

Great value product don't complain if you didn't spend 5x more or branded models it's a bargain on a budget !.

  • Anonymous

Redmi9 No is Good Phoon & No have spilt screen Full Multimedia

this phone has so awesome selfie, something which poco m3 needs. thats why I have both phones. :)

  • Rondo

Dont happy with battery miui 12 before this update battery so so good now miui 12 battery is worst

  • Skynz

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2021So this phone got miui 12?Yes, it did get MIUI 12 update. I'm very happy with the phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2021So this phone got miui 12?yes i got it long ago....

  • Anonymous

If you come here to look for other people's opinions, You're making a wrong decision. But this Baby!

  • ceanosri

This Redmi 9 variant is renamed as Redmi 9 prime ( 4GB ) & Poco M2 ( 6GB) sold in India.
Please avoid buying 3GB variant.

Pros :
Cost effective device.
Type C support.
Wireless FM.
Battery backup is great.
GCAM available for this model now.
Gaming processor can play COD.
Good display quality supports upto 1080p on youtube.
Mic and Very good sound Volume.
Better Design looks like Oneplus 8 pro from back.
MIUI 12 update.
3.5mm jack port available.

Cons :
10 w charger inside box. Supports 18 w charger.
Both Camera is worst indoor ( use GCAM to get satisfied ).

  • Anonymous

So this phone got miui 12?