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Xiaomi Redmi A3

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justasmile, 07 Feb 2024For example?Any old flagship, like a Galaxy S9, or even an S8, or an iPhone 6S, or 7 would destroy this in everything except battery life, and if battery life is so important just get a cheap non-smartphone Nokia.

Those old phones won't get software updates anymore, you think this will get any? Okay, maybe 1 year of updates, but who cares when it's already going to be insanely slow.

Cheap phones with Unisoc chipsets paired with UFS 2.X storage are also much better than this will be. Something like the iTel S23+/S23.

    DarlingYext, 07 Feb 2024Nope, you can get better.For example?

      justasmile, 07 Feb 2024Put an exception to these extreme low-ends.Nope, you can get better.

        DarlingYext, 06 Feb 2024Any phone in 2024 and onwards with only 4GB of RAM and eMMC... morePut an exception to these extreme low-ends.

          Dark Blade, 06 Feb 2024A good design... a shitty g36 chipset...😑It's a cheap phone. I expected an FHD+ display instead, but hey there's a 90hz refresh rate.

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            • thf
            • 07 Feb 2024

            Dark Blade, 06 Feb 2024A good design... a shitty g36 chipset...😑A reminder to the public that this is an entry level phone. What do you expect, Snapdragon 8 gen 3 processor? Naive.

              grimcan, 06 Feb 2024I thought we already had a Mi A3: https://www.gsmarena.com/... morekeyword: redmi

              re-dmi or red-mi

                I thought we already had a Mi A3: https://www.gsmarena.com/xiaomi_mi_a3-9769.php

                Who comes up with these model names over at Xiaomi?

                  This design kinda reminds me of the newer sharp aquos phones

                    A good design... a shitty g36 chipset...😑

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                      • 06 Feb 2024

                      The back features shiny chrome-like frames around the body and the camera bump (look on Youtube). It looks quite nice, but rather hefty. As long as people realize what its limitations are, they may like this one.

                        Any phone in 2024 and onwards with only 4GB of RAM and eMMC 5.1 storage is simply useless and unacceptable.

                        I'd rather not even say anything about the 2GB variant of this phone..

                          for a 75 dollar phone the back looks pretty nice, better than most 700 usd phones
                          its like the 12s ultra's back

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                            • X%Q
                            • 06 Feb 2024

                            This is very good looking phone. The back is definately eye catching,especially in a era where even mid range phone's have awkward/ weird looking back panel.
                            Though this phone is going to be extremely weak,but sometimes you need a phone just to talk and nothing else.
                            So you can always use these kind of device as your "backup" phone, in case you want save more battery power of your main device.

                              10w on a 5000mah holy hell..

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                                • rmJ
                                • 06 Feb 2024

                                4 giga ram is a joke

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                                  • arT
                                  • 06 Feb 2024

                                  Interesting design, looks like 13 ultra but less cameras 🤣

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                                    • L8%
                                    • 06 Feb 2024

                                    Looks are OK, but the processor and the storage is a joke. Even the white Chinese brands uses Unisoc T6XX which has better CPU and GPU.

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                                      • 06 Feb 2024

                                      Mills, 06 Feb 2024All eMMC phones are DOA. They're lag-ridden e-waste. U... moremost androids phones are ewaste if you really think about it, the majority of its users buy a new one after 2 years

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                                        • xjH
                                        • 06 Feb 2024

                                        So eMMC , fix this phone use Helio g35/g36/g37 .