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Xiaomi Redmi Go

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  • johnaslan

how do i turn on my mobile phone? I try to turn it on but i don t seem to manage to do it..Any sugestions pls? What am i doing wrong?

  • jacob of osarios

I've been reading opinions all day today about the redmi go. I have my eye on it and wish to pull the trigger on it today.

I'm just really thinking if it is worth the cost today in 2021 or more appropriately 2022. I only use these 5 apps: Whatsapp, reddit, payment app, spotify lite, and audible for audiobooks.

I have a friend who owns it and recommends me against buying it. My use is very simple though as I mostly use my PC for everything else.

However, my biggest use is probably going to be using it as a wifi hotspot. Is it worth getting now people?

  • One day

XRG, 04 Jun 2021Lite Version Of PUBG Still Able To Work But Might Have Auto... moreNo signal

  • Anonymous

F.galaxy, 27 Jan 2019Support OTG or not?support otg

  • XRG

Samuel Jurmak, 03 Apr 2021Redmi go is very good phone - no problem autoback games: fr... moreWith Proper Feature App's Setting Disable + Dev Option's Enable It Can Run Probably Without Autoback Issue.

  • XRG

Lite Version Of PUBG Still Able To Work But Might Have Auto Back Issue Due To 1GB Low Memory Ram & With It's Old & Slow Chipset SD425 (Even With My Y6 2018 SD425 2GB Variant Had Proven Me "Slow But Not Often"). Other Then That Stock Lite Apps Work's Flawlessly & Fast. Will Test Emulator Game's On It See How It Runs.....

If You Thinking Of Getting This Device In 2021, Probably Yes: If U Are Only Looking For Basic Task & To Get It Done. Security Patch Still At Jan 2021.

  • no

Well, it is a good phone comparing to it's price. It's been like two years since I bought it and I'm still using it. I didn't use a screen protector or a phone case but there were almost no craks until a few months ago (I dropped it on its back bruh) and it is still working the same, there are only cracks.

For games, you can't play 3D games like PUBG 'cause the phone overheats but 2D games are mostly fine.

The camera is alright, it can do a 8x zoom

  • Anonymous

Man this phone is the absolute worst. Used it for a year and now it's acting on its own. Keeps on crashing second. A nokia is a million times better than this.

  • Samuel Jurmak

Redmi go is very good phone - no problem autoback games: free fire and pubg lite

  • Anonymous

This phone is very beautiful and chip budget model battery life is good still it comes 2days only for phone calls and net using 1 day it works Airtel network for this phone

  • XRG

Shashitha Dhananjaya, 26 Dec 2020Why not supported Free fire,pubg,clash of clans 😭😭😰😨Possible Due To The Ram (1GB). Most Modern Games Required Minimum (2GB).

Good photos from this phone but the quad proccesor its a little slow

  • XMRG

Renne Rocha, 22 Dec 2020I bought this phone on early 2019. Since then, it received ... moreTrue. Still Secure To Use In 2021.

Anonymous, 01 Jun 2020Well, this phone is not mentioned for heavy gaming,it is me... moreDon't try online games, try some basic offline ones

  • Shashitha Dhananjaya

Angelo-fdx, 18 Dec 2020Nice Phone very goodWhy not supported Free fire,pubg,clash of clans 😭😭😰😨

I bought this phone on early 2019. Since then, it received a lot of upgrade security patches until today. It does only basic but it does very well for its range of price. I mean call quality, video call (surprisingly good for it!!) great photos (with manual mode!!) , videos, battery life and location. Unfortunelly, it´s not a smartphone for heavy games because it´s only 1 GB Ram. However, you can play casual games Subway Surfers, Angry Birds or Borderland Brawl. But you must forgot every multiplayer game because it has auto-back problem.
I think this is the best Android Go ever released.

  • Angelo-fdx

Nice Phone very good

  • Balaji prasanth

It is waste mobile .lag ,hang auto back problems occur in this worst phone.i am playing free fire in this mobile,auto back problems accur in three or four times in one match waste waste waste waste battery life is very very worst.

  • wAyZz

Waste of money to be honest. Every app keeps crashing down. Also not enough space? I don't even have any apps or photo and it's already 70% How do you expect me to give a good rate? Then fix it

Akaazad, 28 Jul 2020Since I am having this mobile 1yr Good specs android go in... morelol