Xiaomi Redmi K30

Xiaomi Redmi K30

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  • MIGZ

Does redmi k30 4g stops charging when it reaches 100%? To avoid over charging. Vivo phones are like that.

  • naw naw

Does it great Camera?

  • Ehsan

Messy, 22 Dec 2020Is the frame aluminum or plastic? The specs on this page sa... morePlastic frame with sony imx 682

  • Anonymous

My redmi k30 takes about 90min to get 100%.

  • Tanmay

Need answer, 23 Feb 2021I'm using k30 (4g version) 8 GB RAM and 128 g . It... moreSince you already unlocked bootloader & installed custom recovery, best option would be to install custom rom like Corvus os. I can guarantee you of far better battery backup & memory management than MIUI. Once u do that, u wd realize how much shitty rom MIUI is, MIUI basically cripples the device...

  • AnonD-555274

Good to see the original K30 getting Android 11 today way after the clone Poco X2 got it before.

  • Need answer

I'm using k30 (4g version) 8 GB RAM and 128 g . It's a product come from mainland China so after I unlock it I use global ROM and it's very smooth on 120 hz . Then a friend of my help flash the room to Eu to get Android 11 . Everything seems stable except for the screen 120 hz. It's been using with lagging a lot and not smooth like when I'm on Android 10 on global ROM .Should I go back on Glover Android 10 or just wait for the new update on rom EU ??? Thanks for your answer wish you have a great day .

  • Brown

Tanmay, 17 Nov 2020Those who are complaining about camera, why didnt you check... moreI actually do agree with you! I always read the specs and opinions here on gsmarena from the users before i purchase. 👏🏻

  • Ahmed Jobayer

I want to stream pubg mobile. When I plug in my audio copyer cable (Copyer= It copies sound and audio in two port). My game sound comes in the copyer but voice (input voice & output voice both) comes in the speaker & and voice goes into the in-build microphone. I have tried a lot but I can't pass my voice and friends voice in the copyer. But my other old phone, which is samsung s8+ (android 9), It works perfectly with this cable. My K30 is now on android 11. Is it android 11 bugs or my k30's audio settings problem?

  • Anonymous

Finally it has Android 11

  • Anonymous

Hi guys I've been using this for 3 months now I've had no problem until it wont charge anymore
Got solution for that?

  • Anonymous

when update android 11

  • Messy

Is the frame aluminum or plastic? The specs on this page says aluminum but the review says plastic. Also, what is the camera sensor? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

Danny D, 25 Nov 2020It didn't work for me neither till last night that I r... moreDanny D always will find a solution for problems with big key.
even bigger than tall of this phone.

  • Anonymous

wish was 155mm tall or lower
be best phone in this range, real killer

jaz, 17 Jun 2020same here... google maps is not working with this phone.It didn't work for me neither till last night that I realized I had to give location access permissions to the Google apps and suddenly problem solved!! Try it and tell me the result 😉

  • Tanmay

Those who are complaining about camera, why didnt you checked via gsmareana photo comparison tool before buying... Compare with similar priced offering in the market then choose your preferances... Shouting after purchase makes you look like a fool

  • Marry

cdma supported in iraq or not

  • MistyLake9

bad camera
good processor

  • Anonymous

Anish De, 16 Feb 2020It is a reallynice phone. maybe the most disappointitng fea... moreYou silly mate