Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro Zoom scores highly in DxOMark's testing

Ro, 23 July 2020

DxOMark did a review of Xiaomi's Redmi K30 Pro Zoom and found out that it's not too shabby. At least according to the overall score of 120 points. This puts it right after last year's Huawei Mate 30 Pro and the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro.

Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro Zoom scores highly in DxOMark's testing

They found that the phone excels in autofocus speeds, exposure, white balance accuracy and the amount of detail in standard and zoom shots outdoors are also impressive. However, there's a loss of texture at times and colors get a distinctive hue. As opposed to the outdoor shots, the indoor zoom shots lose detail. The ultrawide camera was found lacking when it comes to noise and dynamic range.

You can read the full review at the source link below to find out more about all four cameras (three of them actually usable) as well as how the phone fares against the competition in video recording.



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"I don't think Huawei excels in every department of photography & imaging, doesn't mean I am anti Huawei" The same logic applies to me then. Just because I praise certain aspects of Huawei's flagships that doesn't ...

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  • 28 Jul 2020
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the shape reminds me of fidget spinner :D

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