Xiaomi Redmi K40 Pro+

Xiaomi Redmi K40 Pro+

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  • om hande

Elthan John, 24 Apr 2021Great device for Xiaomiredmi mobile is soo good

  • Elthan John

Rafsanrd, 17 Apr 2021Can anyone please tell me if I will get google services or not?Great device for Xiaomi

  • Elthan John

Pelangi, 27 Mar 2021Customers convenience for 3.5 mm jack? No card slot,no fm r... moreCongratulations Xiaomi. Greetings from London. One action I strongly agree with is to put stereo speakers on this flagship. To me, the audio jack is not that important to me because we can use Bluetooth and a dongle that can connect headphones to listen to songs. For anyone who comments on no audio jack, that is an unwise person about the modern and outdated way.

Can anyone please tell me if I will get google services or not?

k40 is a disgrace for the flagship killer series from redmi. not its only priced way high from previous phones from this company. it doesn't even have the cool fullscreen experience nor does it have the headphone jack. only special thing they are trying to sell this phone with high price for the 108p camera number tht really doesn't mean any good in this time.

  • DragonSnake888

edward, 27 Feb 2021no radio , no headphone jack ......... !!!!!!!!!!!!I suggest you buy Radio. This Phone . NOT A Radio.

  • DragonSnake888

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2021the Camera Doesn't have OIS 🤔 not just like Mi 10T ProFor Camera : Nikon Or Canon. You should buy this.

  • Anonymous




dimensity 1200
10X optical zoom

REDMI 11X 5G & 11X PRO 5G

with DIMENSITY 1100

jik, 05 Mar 2021the camera isn't that bad lol what y'all are comp... moreIt is underwhelming for the price

  • Pelangi

Customers convenience for 3.5 mm jack? No card slot,no fm radio ......

  • ZeroGhost

bp190, 06 Mar 2021Thank you.Lol the peace keeper talks XD what trool... Bud I got mate pro and money and would NEVER pay 700€ for this crap... Reasons.. Price /performance ratio I am used to.. P40 pro in my country is 600 euros.. P40pro+ is 700 you telling me this joke is better? Stop being emotional fan boy and judge rationaly and with critical thinking check out the other brands

  • ZeroGhost

This crapy device will be released global as mi 11 pro worth 1000+€ with its current price at 600€ this is from 400-600 € profits on device

Is the frame metal or plastic?
GSMarena didn't mention anything about the body build?

  • Anonymous

Sorry, a phone over 200$ without headphone jack, sd card slot that Camera setup? Never.

  • Guzzi

Not full accessories ...

  • Tech Master

I am not impressed by this phone. Especially with the camera. Just so you know minus the chip this phone is pretty much close to the redmi note 10 pro max. Note 10 pro max even has a better battery. If you don't care about a powerful chip you should go for the redmi note 10 pro max.

I'm having someone from Malaysia import the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro and Mi Watch Color to me in the United States. Do I really loose any value from this phone? I picked the Mi 10T Pro for the camera.

How much would just adding ois cost? , Yes I know if they added ois it would cannibalize all of mi 11 sales.

  • Lu

Regwin, 06 Mar 2021But this phone can run WhatsApp or not?No, Samsung M01 Core may support WhatsApp for you

  • Anonymous

Regwin, 06 Mar 2021But this phone can run WhatsApp or not?Sure