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Xiaomi Redmi Note

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  • Nagini

Worst don't buy product even after sending feedback and issue also the team responding I will rate zero

  • Vicky

I bought redmi smart tv - none of gd ott platform works in it. They sell u garbage in the form of tv and phones. Beware..

  • Vicky

Do not but any xiaomi product. I bought redmi note 10 pro - it's sensor has a plm.

  • Dharshu

Hai, I bought my yesterday, everyone told that battery life is very good, but not that much! Draining fastly, can you tell the solution ?

  • Akash Kumar

My phone is not working well and is getting hacked.Please Solve it Eminently I am Very Sad

  • Dinesh

Idiots.. All move to samsung.. Preinstalled google shift.. Worst apps from google.. Dialer, recorder, messaging app.. My savings waste on going back to samsung mobiles.. Redmi idiots don't know to retain customers. If recorder is privacy policy then hell remove bcc option in Gmail too idiots

  • Anonymous

Redmi note 7s voice changer

  • Anonymous

benjieloria01x, 25 Jan 2020Redmi Note 10? Really?Redmi Note 10 wasn't released in 2019- its released now in 2021, are you a time traveler?

  • Redmi Note 9 User

Please make easier on Ringtone format, mp3 file does not support for ringtone in xiaomi app,

  • Waseem ah

By new update our phones flish light are not working during vedio call when we open back camra
Please do something for this problem

  • Anonymous

Rezel , 04 Nov 2020Very bad phone youre phones is tooo slow i think there is 4... moreCome on, it is a old phone about 7 years ago

  • StnX

Rezel , 04 Nov 2020Very bad phone youre phones is tooo slow i think there is 4... moreMan it's Old Redmi phone not a latest

  • Rezel

Very bad phone youre phones is tooo slow i think there is 4gb ram it will be faster it is full of hang very bad phone i wipl never buys redmi phobes

  • Anonymous

vinoth, 03 Aug 2017I am used redmi 4a mobile. 1 week before to update the miu... moreclear the data or cache of play store

  • Anonymous

Why does all update make me throw my phone in the dustbin??? It's super laggy and now it feels little more in secure to use it cause it does abnormal things... So either fix or we move on

  • Shyrin

im using redmi note 7s mobile,and I can never agree this mobile is super cool. For the first few days my mobile was in good condition,then i got a black display while using the mobile and then it was okay after 5 minutes, then the same problem occurs often. Then the problem comes atleast once a month. Then by now my mobile is not charging, i do checked my charger port and the USB cable they are working.then went for the mi service centre and asked them. They were like ur charger pin may have complain so we have to replace that ,and it costs around 800 rupees they said,im totally upset with the mobile. So try to correct these problem by next time. Its my kind request,

  • Vivek

Redmi note 8 battery drain issue

  • Shahid Jalal

Wonderful phone but only design is problem, they should think for design like iphone, as huawei, oppo did. Otherwise this is unbeaten mobile.
I used redmi note 8 and i tried twice to break it by throwing it on wall, but its screen still working only sim problem occured. Strong mobile with amazing touch quality. Just think on design. You will be market leader, as huawei is going down due to google service.

  • Pratik

It was worst phone its services worst

  • Gathuo

Am soo frustrated with my Xiaomi redmi note 8 pro, especially on the call history, there is typically non unlike it's predecessor the note 7