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  • Shahid Jalal

Wonderful phone but only design is problem, they should think for design like iphone, as huawei, oppo did. Otherwise this is unbeaten mobile.
I used redmi note 8 and i tried twice to break it by throwing it on wall, but its screen still working only sim problem occured. Strong mobile with amazing touch quality. Just think on design. You will be market leader, as huawei is going down due to google service.

  • Pratik

It was worst phone its services worst

  • Gathuo

Am soo frustrated with my Xiaomi redmi note 8 pro, especially on the call history, there is typically non unlike it's predecessor the note 7

  • Vibin

When will redmi note 7 Pro Will get Android 10 stable version in India

  • Deepu

One of the worst phones, suddenly voice drops completely, hangs often, heats up very fast within 5 minutes of chats or calls. Selfie is good but rear has pixel problem

  • kuroobi

Sumit, 22 Feb 2020Redmi note 7 pro phine is totally vest, gallary app,camera ... morevery poor in 2020.. get youtself new phone mate..

I think its still survived even after 6 years after released

  • Sumit

Redmi note 7 pro phine is totally vest, gallary app,camera app,ram ,processor,cpu,gpu,all are very poor.

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2020You shoudn't believe everything you read online. Redmi note... moreRedmi Note 10? Really?

  • sid

mobile getting sloe charged after 2 month why this happen about phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 May 2019Thank u so much everyone for saving my money. I was thinkin... moreYou shoudn't believe everything you read online. Redmi note was my first smartphone and I loved it. Had a terrific battery in comparison to other phones. Ridiculously cheap and took great pictures. Now, I just bought the Redmi Note 10. Very excited about it. I will never buy an Apple or a Samsung or any phones that are twice and even three times more expensive that has a worse camera and a terrible battery

  • ER_Neeraj

XIAOMI Service is worst. You will love XIAOMI phones until you visit their service centres. They will never provide good service. If your phone is on warranty then they start searching for the ways to tell you that this is customer induced problem even if there is nothing.

Don't never go for Extended WARRANTY because service centre guys will always tell u that this is happened due to customer induced problem.

IF not on warranty then they will repair easily because customer has to pay but if under warranty then they can give any reason. There is no other proper way of complaint at XIOMI's website because if you mail them, they will always tell that service centre guys will not misguide you.

Moreover, Service centres do not accept online card payments. They always insist you for CASH or paytm.

  • Ankita

Worst service provided by Xiaomi. There is list of problems I am facing in redmi note 6 pro. Everytime I complaint the service centre never agree with the same. Later on when I provide them the screen shot than they say they will check and revert. And that revert takes a lot of time. And finally they say this part can't be corrected under warranty.
Never buy Redmi

  • Rajesh INDIA

I brought Redmi Note 6 Pro .. I like this product too much.. Its gives much better performance in my own experience.

but i didn't like one of the feature ,that is there is an option in message settings ,that show blocked messages. Why that option there. We are blocking some numbers because of the irritation of that contact.We didn't like to see any messages from that number. This phone blocks that number and gives us to an option to see those messages. I my experience i didn't like that. So plz remove that settings option. It is an Humble request.

  • Anonymous

I brought redmi note 7 pro...i am face battery drainage problem.. Battery is too loss when using youtube and game....eg. More than 12 % battery loss for every 1 house youtube usage.....

  • Anonymous

I want redmi note 6 pro for review.. I want to tell all the people that how good is this phone they have to try it. I want to tell them features and how to use them


I have recently buy RedmiGo mobile M1903C3G1 , entered Jio SIM , Jio person advise me that in this mobile VOLTE not show , go to mi service center and check out.I went to MI service Centre at Trident Complex, vadodara, they have ched and told me that there falt in Sim card. I have also change new JioSim but not show Volte. then I go to MI service center, they again told mi that falt in SIM card. Now can I do?

  • ibru

I baught redmi 6pro phone from india, now in abroad
I try to reset my phone .... but for start up need MIUI to unlock, MIUI saying go to nearest service centre, that 5000 km away
so Guys.... why you go for this... I decided say bye to Redmi

  • Pramod

Redmi 6A. within a month this phone suddenly vibrated 2 times without set of vibration. surprise is it was vibrating continue after power off also. I contacted everytime customer care technician but they can not resolve this danger problem. so, all of phone lover be aware from Redmi 6A.

  • Anonymous

Thank u so much everyone for saving my money. I was thinking that i will buy xiomi redmi note 7 but after reading all of your review i have changed my decision. Now i won't buy any mi mobile never ever.

Thanks again

  • Mi Note (2014)

First Xiaomi Phone, Held Couple Of Smartphone Before, Currently Poor Buy Device Since 2016 & Kept Mobile & Tablet On My Drawer Until Have 10+ Device On Hold, Should I Start Up A Youtube Channel To Do Comparison Between My Device? By The Way This Device Serve Me Well Until 2016 (If I Am Not Wrong) I Cant Find The Phone & The Old Phone Is Pretty Solid To Update Until MIUI 9!