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Xiaomi Redmi Note 11

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  • Annie
  • Dkt
  • 05 Nov 2022

I didn't liked this phone. Software is very slow and hanging software. Camera quality is very poor. And there is no option to close a window/apps/site you opened in your phone, unless you do not restart the phone. My money wasted for this mobile.

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    • SMS
    • Kxy
    • 04 Nov 2022

    How is the proximity sensor and compass sensor is working in this phone as showing this phone is having "Virtual Proximity Sensor" and "E-Compass". So is phone screen off/on properly during call and compass also works fine...?

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      • Anonymous
      • fwx
      • 03 Nov 2022

      This phone is worse than redmi note 10, the main camera can't handle 4k anymore, the processor is weaker than sd 678 and it show a bit of difference in games and a an amoled screen instead of the super amoled, it's just a shame how xiaomi went down with their budget phones this generation.

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        • xiaomi59
        • LBH
        • 01 Nov 2022

        Everything about phone is perfect. I would recommend it. only second space is not working keeps turning off the phone

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          • Chydo
          • rZu
          • 30 Oct 2022

          Onix, 27 Oct 2022Hy everyone, I've been using the Redmi note 11 for a m... moreYou've done so very well to dissect this phone literally well and fair details. Weldone! 👍🏽

            Anonymous, 29 Oct 2022Anybody knows when will android 12 come for note 11 global?... more-my friend, if you really want to upgrade to android 12 you can do it right now using fastboot method. basically you download the official xiaomi fastboot firmware for your redmi note 11 model, then install it in your device using fastboot method with your computer.
            -the reason why you haven't (and everybody else) received android 12 update because it has a different version association. let me explain: this is an example of a build number "" based on android 11. the update system only shows you the available updates that have this part "RGKEUXM" exactly the same, like updating from "" to "", both of these are based on android 11.
            but android 12 version had this build number "", as you can see starts with S not R, the system update thinks this is incompatible with your device because of that difference, but we know for sure that they are 100% compatible since they are coming directly from xiaomi.
            -I think xiaomi did it expectedly to differenciate between the two major versions, but they forgot that system update mecanism won't show you the major update because of the difference in build number association.
            note: I do have this phone, and these infos are based on my expert understanding, I could be inaccurate on my wordings of things or on some points.

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              • Anonymous
              • mU8
              • 29 Oct 2022

              Anybody knows when will android 12 come for note 11 global? Waiting too long honestly

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                • albion
                • 8AE
                • 28 Oct 2022

                Onix, 27 Oct 2022Hy everyone, I've been using the Redmi note 11 for a m... moreAgree with this review.
                However, MIUI has never really been the strong point of Xiaomi phones, specially from the optimization standpoint. Even the average consumer who has never used a Xiaomi phone has heard about how unoptimized and bloated MIUI is.
                Thankfully, you can do debloating without the need to root. There is a tool that lets you uninstall system/preloaded apps which alleviates the bloat problem up to an extent. There's also alternatives like xiaomi.eu which are less bloated by default and offers more features and flexibility, but do require a bit more of technical knowledge to install.

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                  • Onix
                  • Nu6
                  • 27 Oct 2022

                  Hy everyone, I've been using the Redmi note 11 for a month now and here's my honest review.

                  Starting at this price range, I believe it's a great device considering the fact you'll also get a 33w fast charger and a sweet clear TPU case also.

                  In my first month of usage, I noticed MIUI isn't really optimized, I mean coming from a Samsung one UI experience with my Galaxy a31 4+64, I think MIUI is choopy and somehow laggy especially in the multitasking window.

                  And ram management could be better too, come on Xiaomi, even with 6gigs+2gig of ram, I still experience app crashing in the background every 10 to 15 minutes, that's quite disappointing because my Galaxy a31 even with 4gigs of ram does a better job in ram management

                  Camera department: I would say for basic users, it's good.
                  Although photos tend to be more saturated under sunlight, I still think it's ok for simple users who aren't really into photography.

                  Battery: well, it gets me through the day with full charge, although I locked the refresh rate at 90hz and always on 4G+
                  I'd say it does pretty well in the battery segment.

                  Display: This is where I give the device a huge thumbs up 👍, I mean, the color accuracy and brightness level are so good for a midrange device. Deep blacks and sweet vivid colors can be achieved with this display.

                  Speakers: very good speakers I must say, although it lacks a little bit of bass, but it's ok and loud enough for anyone to enjoy audio consumption with it.

                  Build quality: Very good for this price range, no back glass like the pro models but the material used on here is great 👍

                  * Sweet AMOLED display and 90hz refresh rate.
                  * Reliable battery.
                  * Good stereo speakers.
                  * Fits properly in hand, not too bulky and heavy to use.

                  * MIUI optimization could have been better.

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                    • M.T
                    • CDA
                    • 27 Oct 2022

                    Which one has better display, note 10 or note 11 ?

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                      • PeopleDudePhones
                      • 3Lp
                      • 26 Oct 2022

                      this is the best phone from budget phones despite the fact that it does not support 5g but it is still cool

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                        • Anonymous
                        • p${
                        • 23 Oct 2022

                        Has anyone experience wi-fi dropping issue? It is a problem here

                          Good mobile

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                            • V
                            • CbD
                            • 21 Oct 2022

                            F23 & Redmi note 10. I used both. Go for any. Both are good
                            Camera lovers go for samsung
                            Speed lovers go for redmi
                            Displays battery speakers both are excellent
                            Yes compared to older 10 pro 9 pro no match but these are still great phones

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                              • Davor
                              • mFd
                              • 21 Oct 2022

                              This phone is a crap from my experience, I was expecting it to be more than My previous phone Note 9pro, but it wasn't, I really regret switching to Note 11,if I have the chance I will go back to my previous phone😒😒😒

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                                • Arc. O. J. Nnanna
                                • Nug
                                • 20 Oct 2022

                                Can we talk about how Google apps just stop working on this phone from time to time??

                                My one and only regret using this device so far

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                                  • Dejan1602
                                  • 3bm
                                  • 20 Oct 2022

                                  carbonana20, 13 Oct 2022I agree. So many bugs ever since I impulsively updated the ... moreGoogle camera download

                                    Fahad, 16 Oct 2022When redmi note 11 get Android 12 update in Pakistan? 4 to 6 months probably
                                    I switched 2 a custom rom
                                    Now far more relax wid it

                                      Mand, 14 Oct 2022Amazing phone, after the android 12 its even better.Please who has received the Android 12 Update for Redmi Note 11?,

                                      If you have received it please where are you located? and what's the size of the Android 12 Update for Redmi Note 11?

                                      What new features does the Android 12 Update bring?

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                                        • kick
                                        • y6V
                                        • 18 Oct 2022

                                        does redmi note 11 also support 120 watt charging?