Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G (India)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G (India)

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  • Prashant pandav
  • qm1
  • 09 Aug 2022

Xxx, 26 Jun 2022Does the 5g work only in India or with India sim card ? Bec... moreIt means the review is for indian unit...Redmi note 11 pro+ 5g has different specs in other countries..

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    • Nick
    • nC2
    • 05 Aug 2022

    If there was snapdragon 8gen 1 and 16 gb ram in this device. ,,,,:)

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      • Gadget Reviewer
      • 6va
      • 05 Jul 2022

      Xxx, 26 Jun 2022Does the 5g work only in India or with India sim card ? Bec... moreNo, even 4G not smoothly running in India.

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        • Xxx
        • xja
        • 26 Jun 2022

        Does the 5g work only in India or with India sim card ? Because I don't understand 5G( India)

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          • Edd
          • X@6
          • 22 May 2022

          My brick takes 60-70 mins to fully charge against the committed 42 mins. That's otherwise acceptable but not what I got it for. They say that it is due to signals, background apps and climatic conditions. Do they expect us to get off work, format the phone and visit their labs whenever we have to charge, for optimisation? That's the biggest put off for an otherwise acceptable phone and differentiates it as acceptable form good. The display sucks battery big time, perhaps since it is AMOLED. It mostly lasts for 40-45 hrs when I use it just for work (calls, texts & emails) and upto 24 hrs or 2 movies otherwise, which is positive. Hence, am happy while working, but not when off work.The charging cable is too short, hence I have to be very close to the point to use while charging. Normal cables don't work optimally and am used to a 2M one. Camera and high performance are irrelevant as am not an avid camera or large app user nor a gamer. Quite content with the MIUI specific features. The unit and charger are bulky, but OK, given the features I need (256GB, 5000mAH & 67W) - expecting improvisation.
          Overall thumbs up, except for the charging time. Would be happier if they had committed 60 mins. Not sure if it is a marketing gimmick or a faulty unit.Would like layman user feedbacks and not from reviewers or Xiaomi employees and other beneficiaries, on phones with 120W charging.

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            • Hridoy
            • XR2
            • 28 Apr 2022

            Niv, 05 Apr 2022What is India and china model Rey confused. it's not ... moreSoc indian sd 695 china mtk 810

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              • Niv
              • D0a
              • 05 Apr 2022

              What is India and china model Rey confused. it's not same both are this model in India and china

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                • Chibykec
                • xtS
                • 26 Mar 2022

                Ridwan, 20 Mar 2022Is this available in Nigerian stores? Yes its now available in Nigeria Chinese version with global rom.

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                  • JD
                  • 7k4
                  • 24 Mar 2022

                  Even I'm not happy with Redmi 9 phone gets hanged very easily nowadays it gets switched off on its own. It's very irritating and feel helpless in times of emergency. No one shud buy any Redmi phones in future just a suggestion.

                    a little better than predecessor. but theres cons: no NFC, no 4K (because SD695 used Spectra 346T ISP), MIUI still bug (unless new patch version).

                    Honestly, people chooses China version rather than Global (India) version because of Dimensity 920 5G, You can get Xiaomi 11i HyperCharge if China version still there for Global.

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                      • bspilaniya
                      • KAa
                      • 22 Mar 2022

                      Very Disappointed phone Over heat problems and many time hanging on Ist day itself.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • KgQ
                        • 20 Mar 2022

                        To the people calling SD695 a downgrade or an upgrade. It's both. As per performance it's equal to SD750g but then it's doesn't even support 1080p 60fps or 4k video recording at all.

                          Anonymous, 10 Mar 2022More rebadged SD695 downgrade soc? lolSD695 is not downgraded!

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 7Xq
                            • 20 Mar 2022

                            ApplePieSake20, 19 Mar 2022Downgrade ur eyes, SD732G vs SD695 The main downgrade is he chipset but from the china version not from the Redmi Note 10 Pro

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                              • Ridwan
                              • Nue
                              • 20 Mar 2022

                              Is this available in Nigerian stores?

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                                • Gadget
                                • Kg$
                                • 19 Mar 2022

                                The downgrade is the chipset

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                                  • ApplePieSake20
                                  • Kx6
                                  • 19 Mar 2022

                                  Patrick, 18 Mar 2022Come on they downgrade on processor 🤔Downgrade ur eyes, SD732G vs SD695

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                                    • Patrick
                                    • q{c
                                    • 18 Mar 2022

                                    Come on they downgrade on processor 🤔

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                                      • Yas
                                      • 3SG
                                      • 18 Mar 2022

                                      Why are Xiaomi mobile phones so dirty this year?🤔

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • 0rm
                                        • 17 Mar 2022

                                        Poco x3 pro kills this freak, even cheaper...