Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro

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  • Anonymous

Galaxy s21 ultra is far way best

  • Ang

Bluewave, 28 Oct 2021Where is this famous Note 11 pro ? Not launched yet as they... moreFamous? A phone like any other. No reason to be impatient. Better buy POCO X3 Pro.

reads like poco f4

  • Anonymous

450 nits... that's well below average, barely matching lcd

  • Etre

It has amoled. Is a deal breaker for me.
And the non pro version, with lcd, is lacking the 108mp camera. Another deal breaker for me.

I owned top of the line amoled phones and after 1y+ they always look drab compared to new lcd phones that cost a lot less.

I also own a 108mp phone in the family and it takes noticeable better photos than 48 or 64 mp sensors.

Where is this famous Note 11 pro ? Not launched yet as they sayed for today ???

  • Thabo

Soon as I saw those 2MP and 5MP crappie lenses I looked away, the infinix and tecno brands are now offering a telephoto lense in their phones but still non in the redmi note series…..I’m disappointed because I thought they’d break the boundary again and offer a more dignified camera experience for the same price as the predecessors.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2021Here's the thing, No Snapdragon = No custom ROMs, No ... moreLol, it depends on the smartphone brands itself. What about redmi note 8 pro, redmi note 9, redmi 9? Even redmi 9A and redmi 9C has a few custom rom right now. And about gcam, ya i do agree with you, it's quite unstable but not that bad lol.

Ooooh I love this design! It's like the iPhone 12, but the screen has a subtle 2.5D curve instead of being entirely flat.

I want more companies to copy the iPhone 12 (aka revamped iPhone 5) design, I really like it.

And it has 3.5mm jack, 120Hz AMOLED, Micro SD, and huge 67W charging. Xiaomi did really good here.

  • Ateeq

BB8, 27 Oct 2021actually mediatek dimensity series is more effective for ga... moreBro it's not always about gaming Snapdragon processor is power efficient and mobile heating scenerio is very in low in them... If we look on every aspect than you can say Snapdragon is better.. no doubt mediatek are powerful but other things are also important than power

  • Anonymous

using SnapDragon 690 or new one 695 was so much better than

Dimensity 810 in Redmi Note 11

xiaomi doesn't have device with this chipset.(690)

  • Anonymous

Iphoneking, 27 Oct 2021Iphone again Copy copy i like to have a decent high level android phone with back camera design just

like or exactly copy of iphone 12 pro max

why not ????

i wish xiaomi will do it

a lot of ppl will buy it with proud

Iphone again
Copy copy

  • Kaif shaikh

They are promoting there phone in china as a 5G device but,i am seeing here that gsmarena didn't mentioned anything about 5G????😷

  • BB8

Rhys, 27 Oct 2021What's wrong with 16 MP selfie? Seems reasonable to meactually mediatek dimensity series is more effective for gaming then snap dragon series, d920 has the antutu score almost same as sd 778 so you can't just said snap dragon is always better then dimensity, or if you don't like the mediatek chipset just go buy the other mid-range sd phone like realme gt me or poco f3...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2021All this whining about it's being a downgrade bla bla ... moregrow up bro!... people ar droping their opinions about the phone not about you. it seems you are not matured enough to realise that all opinion can't be the same in this life, may be you are stil finding it difficult to understand that all these +tves & -tves comments are normal and are there to guard every potential buyer to go deep in reserch on any aspect of specs for better technical kwoledge and choices. the makers as well, are eager to see comments both +ves & -tves for them to grow stronger, so, why are you here insulting ur fellow users ?. if you think that all those who commented negatively are poor like you said, then you that replied them insultingly are poorer. just get that.

  • Anonymous

Wow 👌 sdcard+ headphone jack+ stereo speaker + amoled 120hz it has all u need in one phone . ❤

  • Anonymous

As long as it has micro SD card slot

  • ankitanu

The performance cores of A78 are dual core or quad?? 920 has 4 cortex A78. Anyone's knows

  • Anonymous

Md Mizanur Rahman, 27 Oct 2021Wrong Decision , This Mobile Salfie Camera Need To Minimum... moreThough, Samsung S21 5G also only have a 10mp cam, dude... Stop being picky, look, iPhone only have 12mp... As the saying goes, don't judge a book with its cover. :)