Xiaomi Redmi Note 12

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12

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  • Anonymous
  • xCD
  • 10 May 2024

Penis, 10 May 2024It bery good i took pictures of kids wirh itexcuse me what

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    • Penis
    • MdQ
    • 10 May 2024

    It bery good i took pictures of kids wirh it

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      • Anonymous
      • XVw
      • 07 May 2024

      Among the phones I have used, the camera is very poor.

        Selina, 01 May 2024Xiaomi redmi note 12 4g is betterwhat grass are you smoking? did you compared the specs?

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          • Selina
          • mE0
          • 01 May 2024

          Subuwu, 04 Mar 2024Is this phone worth buy in 2024? Xiaomi redmi note 12 4g is better

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            • Anonymous
            • CbE
            • 28 Apr 2024

            My network is not working well every time

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              • dRagoN01
              • xPP
              • 23 Apr 2024

              Ali--Raza, 22 Apr 2024Do these things to make its performance better: 1- Unin... more👍

                Zoliqua , 20 Apr 2024Worst slowest rubbish phone ever, please don't buy it ... moreDo these things to make its performance better:

                1- Uninstall the apps which have been in your phone for a long time and you don't use them.
                The lower the number of apps the better it is for a entry level/midrange device like this.

                2- Close background apps which are the main reason of battery drain and sluggishness of the phone and the bloatware installed by Xiaomi, you can disable some and uninstall some of them.

                3- Clear the cache (not data) of the apps you use frequently
                and then re-start the phone. Re-start the phone once a day or after every 2 days.

                4- Keep your occupied storage less than 75% of the total storage to run the phone smoothly.

                5- From the settings go to apps and manage apps and then look for background auto start section and turn off all the apps from that except Whatsapp.
                Further you can logout the apps when not using them like Instagram, Facebook etc. because they continuously process in the background and slow down the phone.

                6- If you have less than 6 GB ram variant then that can be an issue too. 8 GB ram variant is recommended, 6 gb is ok and 4gb ram is not sufficient in 2024.

                This phone's processor is not that powerful for Android 14 and the software UI is a little heavier too so there will be some slowness in the phone but the above mentioned steps do improve things.

                You can turn off 120 hz and this can create some relief for the processor and the battery but it's upto you.

                Using battery saver mode will also help when not using heavy apps or games. It will stop unnecessary background tasks.

                I hope it'll help upto a major extent or at least upto some extent ✨✨

                  ExZhonya, 01 Apr 2024bad signal, i literally always disconnected from my wifi, m... moreDo these things and you'll notice less battery consumption.

                  1- Put the phone on ultra battery saver mode before sleeping and turn it off when woken up or at least you can schedule a battery saver mode from the settings according to your sleep and wake duration then it will work automatically.

                  2- Re-start the phone after a couple of days

                  3- Switch to dark mode when indoors

                  4- Close unnecessary background apps and also keep Whatsapp only in the apps' background auto start section, you can google it how to do this and it's easy.

                  5- Delete the apps which you don't use and are in the phone for a long time now.

                  6- If nothing works then you need to calibrate the phone battery, you can google it how to do it and it's the most effective method and it works.

                  7- Turn off Bluetooth, data connection and wifi when not in use. Don't use it longer in very hot environment outdoors because it stresses more on the battery and it drains by heating more.

                  For network related issues:

                  Try resetting the network settings from the settings app and re-start the phone to see if the problem goes away, if not then backup your data and factory reset the phone and see, good luck!

                    if anyone happen to get hyperos on this phone, please think twice before you update. the 4 gen 1 cannot handle that glorified miui 15.

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                      • Zoliqua
                      • mE0
                      • 20 Apr 2024

                      Worst slowest rubbish phone ever, please don't buy it save your nerves!

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                        • Anonymous
                        • XSD
                        • 14 Apr 2024

                        Wifi and Bluetooth doesn't work.... even after installing update version... lastly changed WiFi hardware....

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                          • Apex
                          • r3b
                          • 11 Apr 2024

                          Arnold L., 05 Mar 2024I bought the 8/256 variant today at 50% lesswhere please

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                            • Tikitiki
                            • I@H
                            • 10 Apr 2024

                            Subuwu, 04 Mar 2024Is this phone worth buy in 2024? Nope you should go buy with dimensity or 8gen processors this note 12 are straight trash

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                              • ExZhonya
                              • KiS
                              • 01 Apr 2024

                              bad signal, i literally always disconnected from my wifi, my old phone is literally fine... heck, even if i use cellular data sometimes it lost internet.
                              the battery might be big, and it charge fast, but it could only last for 12 hours. this is normal usage for average teenager(me), i used it to access discord, chatting apps, and other things. it drained the battery, too quickly. faster than my old phone(Vivo Y12)
                              other than that, it is able to play some heavy games.... in very low resolution. i play a game named Sky Children of the Light, and i only could play with the lowest res without lagging, and i still need to use ultra turbo mode to get decent fps. might be game problem though, I haven't tried other big games like genshin, etc. but i have tried pubg and it's completely fine with maxed graphic, so this is kinda worth it.
                              anyway, this is not a professional comment, it's personal, and what's been happening with me

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                                • Rn
                                • Mj@
                                • 30 Mar 2024

                                PakinDe, 04 Mar 2024Its does if you bought the 5g oneMost people only get 4g signal on 5g phones anyway, especially if you don't live in a big city. And I don't see any need of it, 4g+ works well and there are fast wifis everywhere plus a corded connection at home.
                                5g takes more battery aswell. If you have regular internet and WiFi then 4g+ will be more than enough tbh.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • NwG
                                  • 30 Mar 2024

                                  Too much advertisements in apps please limit them

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                                    • adisan
                                    • KLR
                                    • 30 Mar 2024

                                    Diamond , 24 Jan 2024I was buy A new Redmi Note 12 one month ago. But Now I am f... morejust go to technician, redmi sometimes have problem on hardare button

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                                      • Jane
                                      • XB5
                                      • 21 Mar 2024

                                      Arnold L., 05 Mar 2024I bought the 8/256 variant today at 50% lessWhere please. I want to buy.

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                                        • hello sup
                                        • AAX
                                        • 05 Mar 2024

                                        Arnold L., 05 Mar 2024I bought the 8/256 variant today at 50% lessWhere?