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This still my current device until now

  • AnoM

Tony, 21 Jul 2019Those who really miss Redmi Note 2 can go buy Redmi 7A. It gives... moreAround the same price, I recommend to buy Redmi Note 5 /Pro instead, that got everything, including support for QC2.0/3.0 quick charge, 5Ghz WiFi AC.
I remember global version of Redmi Note 4 lack 5Ghz WiFi AC.
This Redmi Note 2 has WiFi AC 5Ghz 433mbps, then also has multi colored LED notification.

  • Tony

Those who really miss Redmi Note 2 can go buy Redmi 7A. It gives you the Note 2 vibe but of cause it lacks IR Blaster, removable battery and screen resolution has shrunk down to 720p but hey, at least you get 4k mAh instead of 3k, Bluetooth 4.2 instead of 4.0, FM Radio with built-in antenna, face-unlocking, much improved speaker sound quality, Snapdragon 439 instead of Helio X10, and the best of all, Sony IMX486!

  • AnoM

GeneTan2, 05 Apr 2019Poor Battery Life 🙁Because it is using Mediatek Helio X20 processor.
Many mobile processor at that period is not power saving.
That's is why in a short period of time, Xiaomi quickly release another Redmi Note 3 with Qualcomm Snapdragon SD650.
Still not yet the most efficient processor for that time, but battery life performance is much better than this Note 2, also Note 3 comes with 4000mah battery.

Poor Battery Life 🙁

  • AnoM

Hana, 17 Dec 2018Hey. this phone is good for me! But I can't get maintenance and... moreIt's spare part mostly didn't sold at retail store, but only at online store. You can search for the spare part that you wish to buy. I bought the battery, power button, and it's battery back cover all from online store.

  • Anonymous

HACKS, 21 Nov 2018I don't blame Xiaomi but blame iPhone that start this whole non-... moreNo moto g5 have a removable battery and it launched after v20

  • Hana

Hey. this phone is good for me! But I can't get maintenance and spare parts like cover... battery soon everywhere. Thank you!


I don't know how to say, this cheap budget phone with removable battery do last longer than any smartphone that I ever owned. I have changed it's broken power button, changed it's battery, and also changed the battery case because the old one has the volume rocker broken.
Now it just perform like new one from 3 years ago.
Now who said Chinese manufacturer and a budget smartphone can't last that long?
Despite it is just Android 5.0.2, I got no issue with it.
It is updated to MIUI9 which is fast and fluid. Sadly it won't has the chance to upgrade to MIUI10.
It's 2GB RAM are adequate to not make this phone lag. It do need a few seconds to load back the home screen if pressing the home button in the middle of something, but it never introduce that kind of lag that Samsung phone introduce, which even laggy by just scrolling through the apps, or laggy at the home screen. This phone got none of that problem.
I still waiting this phone to die so that I can upgrade to something more powerful like Redmi Note 6 Pro, but this thing is just hard to kill. Salute to Xiaomi.


Anon, 19 Nov 2018This is the best xiaomi phone that still has removable battery, ... moreI don't blame Xiaomi but blame iPhone that start this whole non-removable battery trend on phone.
The last phone that still defending this trend is LG V20, but they at last also following the trend with LG G6.
This is just like the recent removing 3.5mm jack trend.
I would only blame Xiaomi for following the iPhone trend too much as they actually mimicking the features and outlook too close to iPhone, which is part of their company policy.
But Xiaomi is not the one to follow the trend, bunch of other brand out there also like that.
But this Redmi Note 2 even with removable battery are already quite thin for it's time, meaning phone can be thin even with removable battery.

  • Anon

This is the best xiaomi phone that still has removable battery, I use it for playing Summoners War with extra battery, I can use it 12 hours straight for leveling up my mons, and its very cheap nowadays so even if the battery wears out, the replacement is cheap. I've been having 2 batteries fattening and unusable so far, been using it for like 3 years and counting.

It's just sad that phones nowadays come with non removable battery, I read that it's mostly for form factor, for me I don't care having an ugly ass phone with boxy shape or thick like a dictionary as long as it can last 1 full day for heavy use. It's like phone manufacturers don't know what people want. Battery life is number 1 above all else.

  • rauna

Tam, 14 Jan 2018The only I suffered is about the battery. It cannot long last. T... morechange to custom rom

  • Taskiman

This can upgrade to MIUI 9.6 Global Stable

  • Ep56

This phone is amazing. Been years using it And suffering on Battery issue..but after updated it to MIUI 8 and got OTA Update MIUI 9, and obviously battery replacement (3080mah), the phone can last longer than ever!

  • AnonM

Brian, 13 Sep 2018I am unable to write & type sms,,, what would be he problem Probably the sms app crashed.
Suggest to factory reset the phone, or update to it's latest stock message app.

  • Brian

I am unable to write & type sms,,, what would be he problem

  • AnonM

OTA updated again to MIUI stable.
Well, really hope Xiaomi really consider for MIUI 10 updates, despite it is not possible.

  • AnonM

kamz, 15 Aug 2018So the battery life is a major problem rite. Currently facing su... moreAs this phone use old generations (4 to 5 generations behind) SoC, also the power hungry Mediatek SoC, and the low grade 1080p LCD screen, it won't improve battery life significantly even after changing new replacement battery, might not solving the battery drain issue. Yes, there are apps that draining battery, you can check at battery usage by apps and look for the one that consume battery even without opening. But be reminded, some apps are normal battery drain for day to day usage, the one you use more will drain more battery life too, not completely is hidden apps drain.
New battery might solve your sudden turn off issue, but won't solve the poor battery life issue.
Only the last gen Redmi Note 4 and current gen Redmi Note 5 that use 14nm process SoC do significantly boost battery life, and also comes with bigger 4000mah battery. (Redmi Note 3 do improve battery life too with 4000mah battery, but not as drastically with newer gen SoC)

  • kamz

So the battery life is a major problem rite. Currently facing sudden turn off problem. Thinking to buy a new battery but if got any advise due to which apps i need to uninstall pls help. This drain so fast battery life and sudden turm off really make me nuts.

  • Anony

Finally, buy a replacement Power + Volume button, self disassemble the back cover and replace the button.The replacement is just USD 2.5, now my power button is working again. No need factory reset, just replace and power on, then will be ok. With battery also been replaced with Pisen OEM BM45 battery, whole phone just works like new.