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  • user

can I flash the same ROM of 2/16 variant on 3/32? or do they both use different ROMs?

  • Rekzen Yonzon

AnonD-571572, 10 Sep 2016I m facing a problem with fingerprint sensor .. whenever i ... moreMy head hurt,I was being catsed in my arrogance by this I'll judiscm act plays in earth as another name of rabbi

  • Akhil

5 years, still working awesome. Removed miui and using with android 11 custom ROM.

  • udin92

sayabosanhidup, 18 May 2021hi which is better ? xiaomi redminote 3 3/32 $58 / ... moreredmi note 3 better than note 4, in network speed.

This was my third phone smartphone. I abused this phone. 3 years of usage and finally he went to sleep. we had some memmories....

  • sayabosanhidup

hi which
is better


xiaomi redminote 3 3/32 $58 /
xiaomi redminote 4x 4/64 $77

snapdragon 650
625 respectively


i already have d xiaomi redminote 4x mediatek
version currently n it is still working flaw lessly

just want an
other for fun

  • mobfors

Phone is fantastic, camera is excellent. battery works great, but after update to MIUI10 Global 8.11.22 phone don't recognize sd card.. any advice or solution?

  • Manda

KuroNeko6, 26 Apr 2021why not try the custom rom now the custom rom is on Android... moreWhat rom?

Hil upon the man, 23 Feb 2021I've been using this phone (type 2/16) since June 2015... moreMine is normal just normalšŸ¤£

why not try the custom rom now the custom rom is on Android 10 and the performance is pretty good

  • sai krishna

using this mobile since september 2016.Till date it is functioning very good except battery bacup it is lasting only 7-8hrs.Android version is still 6.0 {MarshMellow}

Same here also got mine at end 2016. Most happy with this phone and all the ROMs available for it to keep it up to date.
My battery is fading and doesn't last a day so I'm looking to replace it rather than get a whole new phone. I don't think the new phones are that much better than this one, for what I do with my phone anyway.

  • Dutchman

Hey guys
I'm using this phone since 5/16 and let me tell you this the best phone I've ever had. Only problem it ever occurred was battery related so I have to change the battery but other than that not a single problem.
But now I'm changing my phone and still got sold in exchange for my new OnePlus nord for $40.
The great phone ever made and I don't know how many times I've dropped it but nobody could tell a difference.

  • CC

Hil upon the man, 23 Feb 2021I've been using this phone (type 2/16) since June 2015... moreJust buy IC charger... it's cheap.. Mine too

  • Hil upon the man

I've been using this phone (type 2/16) since June 2015. And during that time, only the battery and charging port that had to be replaced. But unfortunately, in December 2020, the IC charger issue made this device have to retire immediately.
What a memorable device.
Rest in peace.

  • Cell

I've been using this phone since december 2016. It is still working so well for me as for now other than the fact that I almost run out of memories here. But so far, this is like the longest phone I've been with. And I only had like two issues before, first was its lcd which then I changed it and its battery. It got quite a lot of scratches bc I am such a careless person that I drop my phone for soo many times but this phone still intact perfectly. I intend to change my phone probably next month, just bc I need more memory but it's been a marvelous journey with this phone.

  • Still working

I have been using this phone since 2016 or 2017. No repairs, nothing changed. Power ON button is not working most of the time. When it's cold outside and I try using a camera, phone shuts down... I can live without selfies:D
Other than that, it's a good phone.

  • Anonymous

I am using this legendary phone since 2016 and still it is working very well, this is may be because of Good Chipset and Battery backup.I had to change charging port once in last year, apart from this, I am using this handset without facing any issue, just like a new one.

  • rn3user

I had bought this legendary phone on October 2016. Still working fine.
So far, I had it repaired two times and that's because of damaged charging port and had its battery changed last year. It gives me about 5-7hours of backup with mid usage.
Its still running Android 6.0.1, MIUI 10.

Will upgrade to a new device around April.

Prince Hady, 17 Aug 2020Hey guys List of Best Custom Roms for Redmi Note 3 Bliss ... moreHavoc OS 3.11