Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (MediaTek)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (MediaTek)

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2019I'm using this phone for 2 and a half years and it still works g... moreMines also 2.5 years old, everything works okay but 100% battery drains in like an hour and takes 6 hours to load.

  • gringo

MhAmin, 19 Jul 2019My redmi note 4 battery drains very fast and i only got 2:30 hou... moreThis MTK version is a big mistake by Xiaomi !

  • Mariomartin

just search in the playstore for an app named 'MTK Engineering'
after installation, run it. choose MTK settings
then choose hardware testing, then choose power
choose power and performance customization

except for 2nd and 4th option, change all to low power
then u r good to go

  • FAD

Luc1fer, 25 Jul 2019Open engineering mode and go to performance . Set the values fro... morehow to do that ? can you explain ?

  • Luc1fer

MhAmin, 19 Jul 2019My redmi note 4 battery drains very fast and i only got 2:30 hou... moreOpen engineering mode and go to performance . Set the values from performance to low power . I am having 8hrs+ Sot and my phone never heats or gets laggy

  • MhAmin

My redmi note 4 battery drains very fast and i only got 2:30 hours screen on Times....pubg also very laggy and it's heats up like crazy

  • sayabosanhidup

MonoPeace, 23 Oct 2018There is no need to do a factory reset. The problem of phone hea... morehi there monopeace

how do i uninstall
google duo then


  • sayabosanhidup

can anybody here please help me

i bought this phone n rarely used
it n so i used it around 1year later

but i misplaced d charger n so i bought another
one n it turned out that d batter drains so fast

but im unsure whether this thing
did happen bcos i rarely used it

so is it bcos of d charger which might b a
fake one or is it bcos of any other reason

feel really upset bcos if this goes on
it will shorten d phone s battery life

  • Anonymous

I'm using this phone for 2 and a half years and it still works great :) Thank you Xiaomi, you'll be my first choice for the next phone as well :)

  • Anonymouse

This phone is 1 out of 4, First of all, Its Heating so Bad, light gaming and Battery Temp is 40C, Stuck in Marshmallow 6.0, Camera Quality needs a bit improvement, Lack of MIUI update(Nougat), MEDIATEK useless, rarely connected to 4G and its accelerometer( for me) is broken(i have to literally exit the app to, put my phone to landscape and open the app again) and lastly, i bearly found any Custom ROM that is compatible with MTK. On the up side, yeah can handle gaming like PUBG in 45 FPS in Smooth Graphics, 64GB Storage really handy, and its Hybrid Sim Slot.

  • Anonymous

not recommended for gaming, i mean i have redmi 4x mediatek with 4 /64 and guess what?
it's lagging, overheating and waste my battery, it's better using 4x when picking redmi 4 series even with 3/32 the Snapdragon much better than mediatek, dammit! >:(

  • ariejake04

Base in my experience about this phone!.. since I’am Heavy User; I have loaded 500 aps 25% heavy games
And the rest Video Edit and Photo Edit and Music..I will say 95% I used internal Memory then since dual sim I used
Only one and I use Microsd 128gb.90% left…so my Phone Redmi note 4 4x 4gb 64gb Still working good…I have no problem!
Updated MIUI 10.2.it awesome speed..deca cor 2.2ghz..I hope still bill deca core and with notch...battery terrific!..I used already 2years from now...

  • Nurul Izzah

I used this phone 1.5 years now and its is still run smoothly and even receive update to miui 10,but recently my phone start losing network connection and now it turn to become on and off for few minutes,if i turn on data connection,the Signal turns to E and then it just lost connection.? Is this caused by imei.? I seen on youtube,people can't check their imei but me the imei is still visible and now its really annkys me,what would that be,and how to fix this.? Hope there are person that want to help

  • Anonymous

I have been using this for quite some time now. Happy with the performance, speed and battery life of the phone. No complaints here. A happy customer!

  • Febfeb

Latest MIUI is V10.1.1.0 MBFMIFI, but in the official rom download from MIUI its writen "Version: V10.1.1.0.MBFMIFI (MIUI9)". so, is this MIUI 10 or 9 ? or MIUI 9 based with MIUI 10 appearance ?

  • Anonymous

anonymous, 21 Nov 2018what is the latest android version released for this device? is ... moreMIUI Version is Global 10.1 Stable10.1.1.0(MBFMIFI) Latest

  • rifky

do you know, redmi note 4 can't upgrade os, its just stuck in android 6.0

  • Anonymous

gringo, 01 Dec 2018MIUI 10 is already out ... but still 6.0 !!!hm do you know that this phone cannot up to 6.0 above?

  • Nick

Using this fone for 1.5 years now... Miui 9 is a disaster...overheating battery draining all sorts of problems... Experimented with almost all the roms and found that only official miui china stable is giving me cool temperature long battery life & almost 6 hours SOT... And batery is charging faster use only 1 amp charger to increase life of phone battery, stock charger overheats the battery n fone become hotter...best rom discovered.

  • gringo

MIUI 10 is already out ... but still 6.0 !!!