Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (MediaTek)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (MediaTek)

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ok this phone is really garbage do not buy this i bought new one redmi note 4 battery and nothing change it still drain as af this phone is piece of trash it just waste a money i bought this phone for my dad 2nd phone hand phone and i see they battery abnormal draining and i replace new one and it still and it charge fast imi even using 5v 1.5 charger f**ck xiaomi ill never buy xiaomi again

    Well i dial #*#*36433663#*#* It make my battery it last 10 Hours with 4g only facebook my miui version is is it 11 miui?i use gfx tool too boost my game well this phone still good MFGMIXA i dont know what is that country when using wifi it last 1 day when offline using only call and text it last like 4 days i travel for 24 hours it was 100 percent and it become 91 percent while watching offline videos on youtube downloaded well this phone is good for backup not for gaming i got 30 fps with gfx tool without gfx tool i got 15 fps im using mediatek helio x20 i see on cpuz it says it have 1.8 ghz but it has 2.1 ghz thats all and i have no issue on this phone it dont have bug u guys turn on mui optimatzion when playing offline games it last 8 hours i play gta san andreas for 1 hour 100 percent to 94 percent the battery is good the problem it heat fast

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      • N1L
      • 22 Jun 2022

      the SD variant is less buggy and no over heat compared to mtk

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        • 01 May 2022

        Been using it for 4 yrs, games, screen record videos, edit videos using kinemaster, use as hotspot etc. BATTERY LIFE SUCKS, heats up like old AMD gpus... I just put it face down, heatsinks at the back, fan cool it. It withstand all abuse. Then I have power on and off issue, keep on reboot. So I replace the on/ off/ volume button. Since gonna take off the cover, might as well replace the battery. The MTK version with 2 screws, u dont have to screw them back, in future it's easier to remove cover. New battery probably have less capacity, screen on time even worse now.. Probably gonna try backroll it to miui 8..

          I like this phone is because it encouraged me to learn advanced tweaking like rooting, installing custom recovery, custom rom, and handling bootloop/softbrick. Xiaomi phones is a good training ground to do all that because community support is massive. If this phone is already fine from the get-go, I won't bother doing all that. I still have this phone working normally to this day but I've switched to a better smartphone, like 5x better than this. Deca-core chipset is really something but MTK basically released an experimental chipset that was very unoptimized (they didn't manage to take care the heating issue) because the chipset was just there to prove a point to another Chipset Vendors. I always think that X in X20 stands for Experimental. Despite all that, they now got Dimensity lineup which probably is the magnum opus of their long struggle in this industry.

            Zoran, 01 Mar 2022February 2022, this phone goes to boot loop, because of a s... moreI hope i found this sooner :(

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              • 6jq
              • 04 Mar 2022

              Zoran, 01 Mar 2022February 2022, this phone goes to boot loop, because of a s... moreThank you very much pal

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                • at8
                • 02 Mar 2022

                Zoran, 01 Mar 2022February 2022, this phone goes to boot loop, because of a s... moreThanks a lot You saved me!!!

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                  • 01 Mar 2022

                  February 2022, this phone goes to boot loop, because of a stupid bug in Google Play service.
                  Don't panic as me and don't do factory reset and loose all your data for nothing.
                  Solution is to go quickly in airplane mode. Then set GPS location to device only and turn off ELS service.

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                    • Enc
                    • 12 Feb 2022

                    mtk, good CP when new phone with new version android os.

                      Mahamudul, 19 Aug 2020I am very upset coz this phone is mediaTek...it was painful... moreWell, to be honest, you should be lucky that u got the Mediatek version as it's faster than the SD625 version.

                      However I agree. It is VERY unfair and honestly outrageous for Xiaomi to stop updating this device.

                      The mediatek version is the better and more expensive variant, yet the snapdragon variant gets an Android 7 update and this doesn't??? WTF????

                      And to add insult to the injury, XDA has almost no ROMs for the mediatek version.

                        I remember this phone. Too bad the mediatek variant never got much attention compared to the more popular snapdragon varaint.

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                          • 15 Oct 2021

                          Xeronomi, 04 Sep 2021For people own this have drain problem, need config EM or e... moreHow to do this?

                            For people own this have drain problem, need config EM or engineer mode, switch to 8 core bigLITLE and overall all mtk x series are adjust able

                              My main camera (Redmi Note 4 MTK) just randomly shuts off, it charges but it doesn't turn on. While i tried to turn it on when charging, it shuts off itself and it back to the charging screen.

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                                • K5V
                                • 18 May 2021

                                hi which
                                is better


                                xiaomi redminote 3 3/32 $58 /
                                xiaomi redminote 4x 4/64 $77

                                snapdragon 650
                                625 respectively


                                i already have d xiaomi redminote 4x mediatek
                                version currently n it is still working flaw lessly

                                d only problem is that the battery
                                de creases even with out using it

                                just want an
                                other for fun

                                  Prastama, 09 May 2021may i ask you what version of miui 8 does power saving?I was using v8.5.2.0, but I think it's not version specific. The key to powersaving is to turn off Perfservice. For more details on this, just go over here.

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                                    • 09 May 2021

                                    GunKneeNeon, 06 Jan 2021MIUI 8: Powersaving but laggy. MIUI 10:Buttery smooth but... moremay i ask you what version of miui 8 does power saving?

                                      nick, 26 Feb 2020redmi note 4 mtk best fone i ever.l had.. ppl with battery ... moreMIUI 8: Powersaving but laggy.
                                      MIUI 10:Buttery smooth but powerconsuming.

                                      It's the SoC's fault, this one has a very bad performance/battery ratio, you get either performance or powersaving, very hard to achieve the balance. I'm still trying my best to get the balance though. I prefer better performance, if I have to make the choice. So I'm using MIUI10 now and trying to get more sot.

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                                        • 29 Nov 2020

                                        Avrelivs, 31 Aug 2020"charge drain fast,very lagy in game,heat like hell,no... moreDon't be surprised, it is a mid-range phone from late 2016, 4 years ago xD
                                        If you buy a new phone right now, which is in the same price range, the same thing will happen to it after 4 years of use, and that is normal.
                                        Batteries degrade, software is getting more demanding, and you have higher expectations in 2020. Be grateful for what it offered you all those years.