Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

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  • Anonymous

Great Phone since 2017 no issues till now the best phone i had.

  • mister hate feel

one of the people at my classroom can't believe that this phone has 4GB RAM, what a d*mbas*

  • Portugal

bowo, 16 Aug 2020use since 2017 and no issue. great phoneMe too! I have since april 2017 and its great and actual! Great buy!

  • bowo

use since 2017 and no issue. great phone

  • old man

Quasor, 09 Apr 2020Can someone help me? I want to replace the motherboard beca... moreits useless to change motherboard while there are woderfull phones from xiaomi very cheep

  • old man

bonedigger77, 08 Jul 2020Good performance although the battery is almost constantly ... morehave changed screen twice by my self. it is very easy. yes the phone is working horse.

  • jiraiya

been using it since july 2017, No issue, but replaced the usb charging port due to abussive use when i was still a gamer. Battery is sufficient for whole day use of games and videos. only downside for me was its camera, i rate it 8/10.

  • Dordek

A work horse,after 3 years,no problem at all.

  • bonedigger77

Good performance although the battery is almost constantly on power bank and the screen was 3 times replaced due to easily cracking as there is no Gorilla glass. But still cheap and working even if changing screen, £15, and battery, £10, and personal assembly.

  • singh gursant

3 yrs use no issue.very good performance

  • Humayun

I use 2.5years, good performance.

  • Markhor

Even after 3 years use, it is working perfectly. Battery is good. No software issues. Don't feel the need to upgrade.

  • Bad Habit

It's been 3 yrs., since I bought this phone good phone, good quality at a good price. Keep it up XIAOMI, this phone is still superb...

  • Ds

Kubiack, 04 May 2020Miui 12 support?No

  • Ds

I have been using it for almost 3 years and until now the battery still feels durable and good. so if someone says a problem with the battery means it's not the wrong phone but the wrong way to use it

  • Ds

Redmi note 4

  • LA Guru

does anybody know where i can find out what the max size GB is for an SD card in this phone? thanks!

  • Faruk

Its an amazing phone. Using 2.5 years and have no issue. Still working like a new phone. I'm so glad. Everyday I play pubg mobile and other games.

Why can't Xiaomi make 5.5" phone like this instead of a 6.6" phones nowadays. If they are still gonna put some bezels why not just also put the camera there instead of having a useless notch. The most useless tech innovation being put in a smartphone. Why not RnD on in Display Camera??

  • Kubiack

Miui 12 support?