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I think it's a good device compare with price, it's cheap, and the functions are very good, the only bad it's sometimes freeze when I'm playing a while not much and the quality to the camera it's regular not very sharp, the battery it's amazing I charge my phone every two day

  • MemerCat

when i first picked up the phone, it was great, amazing in fact! but then after some updates it started lagging! call of duty has some lag spikes now, even brawl stars gets occasional lag spikes for crying out loud!!! xiaomi keeps ruining these great phones with their mediocre MIUI, they even remove useful features from time to time and change where a feature is, making it totally confusing to find where it was located again.i am really thinking about jailbreaking the phone to use another ui but i am afraid ill do more harm than good...

  • Along

Really good phone for the price and even got an Android 11 which got smoother for the 3/64 GB variant so far no complains

  • dunia

play store is not opening at all.

  • kuro

The phone is quite decent now I have been using it for a year so far still good I may have some slight delays but thats my personal problem It's a decent phone and survived without a scratch when i dropped it a few times which I am glad and I am extra careful about it this time however i still toss it like nothing for some reason. Anyways great phone It cost some money but without the price and things its a good/decent phone it has decent or great quality to work with in camera and has aton of space (on which one you bought) I bought 128 gb and 6 gb ram and so far it can run any games smooth and works fine and responds fast. Great phone xiaomi.

NKSS, 10 Jul 2021i am thinking to buy this device for daily usage, but when ... moreDon't listen the recent 'positive' feedback because lot of them just using phones from a week or 2-3 month. Almost users of 1 years including me having bad experience on this phone, especially freeze issues, regardless 3GB or 4GB RAM.

Bets choice to get another phone, also dont get mediatek chipset for entry/low midrange.

  • Anonymous

bob71818, 13 Jul 2021Very good phone in the 4RAM and 128 version. Super fast and... more Is the phone battery good?

  • bob71818

Very good phone in the 4RAM and 128 version. Super fast and responsive. Hard to beat for the price (c.£120)

  • Hehe

NKSS, 10 Jul 2021i am thinking to buy this device for daily usage, but when ... moreYou can buy redmi note 9, but dont update MIUI because MIUI v its good

  • Hehe

Anonymous, 28 Jun 2021It’s showing phoned system is destroyed after the miui12.0.... moreUpgrade to its good

  • Hehe

Anonymous, 05 Jul 2021I purchased it 3 months back.. But i'm not satisfied. ... moreDowngrade to MIUI

  • NKSS

i am thinking to buy this device for daily usage, but when i read users reviews about this phone i get confused. pls tell me is this good device for havy social media user.

  • Dru

I was quite impressed by the feel of this device. The UI is missing some parts and needs a few adjustments, but fast as the iPhone 7 had felt in his time. I really got more than I expected. 4/128 model. I have to say that I stay away from any vendor cloud service. I never use these on any device because they use too much ram and processor time for the many many apps that I use. It reminds me somehow of the iPhone 7 that I have had for a long time and felt smooth for a long period of time. Same with battery: starts wasting up quite fast and mostly on open apps than background, because I usually deactivate some items for preference. Not rooted until the end of warranty.

The display seems a bit brighter on colors, or a bit washed, but it's easy on the eyes. Again, it reminds me of the use duration of the iPhone 7. I look forward to getting this from the Note 9. Updates welcome!

Double layered phone csse

  • Wayne

Anonymous, 05 Jul 2021I purchased it 3 months back.. But i'm not satisfied. ... moreJust update it to android 11,

  • Anonymous

I purchased it 3 months back.. But i'm not satisfied. I'm facing lagging problem in it inspite of a good available storage.. Don't know what to do nxt?

  • DeanO

The RN9 ain't worth your money... Mine, a 3G,64GB model, crashed it's own system after I charged it up and practically blanked out even when I plugged the charger again... Never seen such in my life with any modern phone. I took it to the service center and after 3 weeks plus of crying out to them for a replacement since it's within the warranty period they changed the panel and fixed a 4G,128GB panel.. So far I'm praying it doesn't crash up again.

  • Anonymous

I AM , 29 Jun 2021Sir/mam I have updated my redmi note 9 to miui not... moreWhy are you just rejecting her claims. Many people are experiencing these problems. The fact that you aren't is lucky for you, but you are not helping anyone by just saying they are not using it properly.

  • I AM

Mon Mon, 23 Jun 2021The Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 is very slow after 6 months. Redmi ... moreSorry, vivo phones are not better than Samsung Neither Xiaomi my device has not been encountering this problem there is a slight performance drop with the miui update for example in Geekbench it dropped from 1263 multi core to 969 multi-core. Please wait for the android 11 update it is supposed to fix these problems

  • I AM

Ultraman Tiga, 23 Jun 2021After 1 years of use, here is the problem I have with my 3G... moreSorry sir/mam, about these problems I have been not encountering these problems and for the features being removed with updates it a problem but it is supposed to be fixed with the android 11 update I haven't yet gotten the update to I can't be sure so please wait for the update if not contact Xiaomi.

  • I AM

its yk, 23 Jun 2021i have bought one but it has so much problems that i can�... morePlease don't hate this device this is actually a really good phone my redmi note 9 I completely fine you must have done something with it or you might have a damaged device.