Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro

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  • Komi san
  • ijs
  • 06 May 2024

Anyone ever experienced the bug apps automatically added to the home screen when i didn't even move the apps to the home screen?,i mean the radio app automatically added to home screen,is it bug or something?

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    • Ahmed
    • UUK
    • 23 Apr 2024

    Anonymous, 21 Apr 2024Gyro working in Pubg ..???Yes

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      • Anonymous
      • X@N
      • 21 Apr 2024

      Gyro working in Pubg ..???

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        • Anonymous
        • X{8
        • 19 Apr 2024

        Rizqan Art, 05 Apr 2024Lmao comment. Cheap chinese is always that been. In fron... moreStrange, I use Xiaomi since 2022 and the OS has no bloatware. It's one thing to use the phones, it's another to repeat what you have heard from someone else's grandmother.

          • W
          • Willie
          • fuZ
          • 16 Apr 2024

          From my side i got this Better phone

            Kimjonguni, 11 Dec 2022According to offical data from Xiaomi itself on release day... moreLmao comment. Cheap chinese is always that been.

            In front they offered beast specs with cheap price, but inside, the OS is bloatware-filled buggy despicable quality.

              AnalogueX, 29 Nov 2022I got this phone two years ago and because of how shitty MI... moreMIUI lack of quality and philosophy, yet it's buggy and filled by tons of bloatware and people still buying it because it's cheap but has "gacha" durability.

              Better to stick to Samsung's One UI, anyway.

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                • 3bp0
                • mAR
                • 17 Mar 2024

                Hankx, 25 Feb 2024Is it recommended to upgrade to android version 11 I have Android 12, I think it's safe to say yes, you can update.

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                  • Ryzelite
                  • wri
                  • 14 Mar 2024

                  Been using it since 2021, really got bored with MIUI and it's battery drain issues, so I decided to unlock bootloader and flash custom rom aosp, I like Google pixel experience rom, been using it until recent stable a13 Google pixel custom rom now, still great phone maybe up to 2 to 3 years if there is still update from custom rom devs community, camera still great using gcam nikita, overall satisfied with this phone

                    • Z
                    • Zack
                    • KxY
                    • 28 Feb 2024

                    i think this phone can update android 12 or up?!

                      • H
                      • Hankx
                      • 64J
                      • 25 Feb 2024

                      Is it recommended to upgrade to android version 11

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                        • NODLE
                        • sr%
                        • 24 Feb 2024

                        really slow phone for any amount of usage in 2024.gaming is not the best on it.would not consider getting it.

                          this phone with motherboard made in 2021 has better camera quality than those from 2020. did someone notice? much better for me, I checked invoice data through imei number.

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                            • Romise
                            • X5u
                            • 08 Feb 2024

                            Dejan, 10 Jan 2024Best buy, best phone. It has a strange glitch, though. So... moreHow much did u get it

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                              • Promise
                              • X5u
                              • 08 Feb 2024

                              Bob barley, 12 Jan 2024Just bought a second hand unit for my brother 1 month ago, ... moreIt is a nice phonr

                                I got this phone passed down after heavy use.
                                Battery is still great, cold to the touch.
                                Performance is enough for an casual user.
                                Camera with Gcam is good.

                                Great phone!

                                  • C
                                  • Coffee
                                  • gEt
                                  • 24 Jan 2024

                                  So i have this phone currently and at times i feel like it's a ticking time bomb since the temperature spikes are very bad and it overheats wuite easily. So i am currently scared for my life.

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                                    • J
                                    • 3SR
                                    • 18 Jan 2024

                                    EL B, 15 Jan 2024Mine working just fineMine too, with a lot of use everyday

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                                      • EL B
                                      • Nu7
                                      • 15 Jan 2024

                                      Shady GH, 26 Dec 2023I didn't buy it new. I bought it as 2nd hand so I boug... moreMine working just fine

                                        • B
                                        • Bob barley
                                        • xjH
                                        • 12 Jan 2024

                                        Just bought a second hand unit for my brother 1 month ago, about US60. First i ask him what kind of phone he want, he said phone with big ram and good camera, so i bought this phone 6+2 ram with 128 rom. Guess what..he never use the camera, just playing games and some whatsapp stuff. Same as other human being out there..they bought very hi prize phone just for nothing. Scammed by ads.