Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro (India)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro (India)

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  • ayush
  • XZ8
  • 08 Apr 2024

using this phone since 2020, and one time motherboard replacement done under warranty and Using this phone on Lineage os android 14 anyday better than memeui and this phone has best community support even better than poco f1, like you can get new rom everyday developed by rom developers, like can you imagine this active community even after 4 years of phone release. But yeah I have 4gb version and downside is it lags and doesn't hold apps in ram. like every second app reloads and another downside is lack of 5g.

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    • Manticore
    • fCC
    • 15 Jul 2023

    I'm using Redmi Note 9 pro (6-128) since 2+ years.. There is no any type of issue till now ✌️!! Phone is running smoothly and i'm happy with it's smoothly feel . This smartphone is fantastic 🥂 . Thank u Redmi 💙

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      • Nishant Sharma
      • 7kk
      • 26 Apr 2023

      Hamza, 25 Apr 2022I Bought This Phone In 2021, And Now I am Regreting Buying ... moreBro , install pixel experience plus rom Android 12 based.
      You will feel why you have not done it before

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        • Pawan
        • 7kk
        • 30 Jan 2023

        I am using this phone june 2020 in already use it best mindrang phone by xiomi very nice👍👍👍 phone...

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          • Bijay Kunwar
          • XW7
          • 11 Aug 2022

          I have using this phone for more than 2 years. It is one of the best mid range mobiles. I never faced any lags or glitch. Many heavy games run smoothly. It's been more than 2 years, but it never made feel like i needed an upgrade from this phone. I'm going to use it 2/3 years more.

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            • Hamza
            • 3YY
            • 25 Apr 2022

            I Bought This Phone In 2021, And Now I am Regreting Buying This Phone, At First I Was Very Happy But Now I am Feeling That This Phone Is Getting Laggy And Slow, I Should Never Get A Cheap $100 Phone Again, Please Don't Waste Your Money on This Phone, Spend A Little More And Get A Better Mobile.

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              • Anonymous
              • U@K
              • 19 Nov 2021

              Roxy K22 , 10 Sep 2021Everything is fine after MIUI 12.5. 1.0 update. Earlier it ... moreI think miui 11 based on android 10 is far better than this 12.5 update.

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                • Anonymous
                • YTY
                • 24 Sep 2021

                Anonymous, 10 Dec 2020can i use 33w charger in redmi note 9 pro(india)???No

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                  • Roxy K22
                  • 7jW
                  • 10 Sep 2021

                  Everything is fine after MIUI 12.5. 1.0 update. Earlier it was very laggy. Now it's as fast as Redmi note 10 Pro.

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                    • Roxy K22
                    • uvH
                    • 02 Aug 2021

                    This is by far the worst smartphone I've ever used. I have Redmi note 10 Pro also and the difference is very big in hard quality and software utilization. It is a shame for Xiaomi also. It needs big software update.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • Dku
                      • 02 Jul 2021

                      Anonymous, 10 Dec 2020can i use 33w charger in redmi note 9 pro(india)???Yes

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 0p}
                        • 01 Jun 2021

                        Tansir, 10 May 2021Android 11 is available on redmi note 9 pro (indian)???Yes, it is. I am currently using android 11 on it.

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                          • Tansir
                          • XND
                          • 10 May 2021

                          Android 11 is available on redmi note 9 pro (indian)???

                            Anonymous, 11 Dec 2020Downloading unknown sources option not available.You have to go to app info and do it for individual apps

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                              • Avesh
                              • 7kf
                              • 06 Apr 2021

                              Need a update because camera is not supporting external microphone after MIUI update.
                              Any suggestion?

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                                • SK
                                • 7tQ
                                • 04 Apr 2021

                                Airths, 25 Feb 2021Same happens with me Sometimes....I have same problem how can i solve it....!

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • 56G
                                  • 10 Mar 2021

                                  Sakib, 16 Nov 2020Redmi note 9 pro free fire game over heating issueYes u r right

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                                    • Airths
                                    • Dk}
                                    • 25 Feb 2021

                                    anwar , 19 Sep 2020my Redmi Note 9 Pro usually gets busy and don't allo... moreSame happens with me Sometimes....

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                                      • TheArtist
                                      • DkI
                                      • 23 Feb 2021

                                      Khem gurung, 14 Aug 2020I do have the same issue with my note 9s.only, only the ing... moreNo bro its still the same. Earphone sound is quite low and lacks richness when playing PUBG. Audio on this phone is not refined. The display also kinda poor, with blue tint visible. The whites appear sort of blueish which I don't like as I have used better displays on phones around same price. Network reception is quite low indoors. It's a good phone but the user experience is not upto the mark. Xiaomi keeps adding bugs with new updates.

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                                        • Rahul shakya
                                        • U{1
                                        • 07 Feb 2021

                                        Posting review after 1 month solid usage
                                        1. Good battery backup,
                                        2.full charge in less than 1.5 hrs (0 to 100)
                                        3.camera is not bad according to price

                                        1. Not for gamers, it lags many times, even if i did not installed pubg or any other games.
                                        2.it hangs and reboots automatically when using screen casting on tv.