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Xiaomi Redmi Pad SE

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  • 24 Sep 2023

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2023Hi guys! Am not knowledgeable about tablet at all so I got ... morethere are some extensions to plug in to phone and then mouse and keyboard u can check stuff on youtube also

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    • XDi
    • 22 Sep 2023

    Hi guys! Am not knowledgeable about tablet at all so I got to ask Can you connect this tablet with a mouse or keyboard?

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      • 21 Sep 2023

      Radio available

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        • 6vc
        • 20 Sep 2023

        Anonymous, 14 Aug 20238000mah, 10 watt charger.....is this a joke?It has 10W charger (5V 2A in the box), but it can use Quick Charge 3.0 charger, and be charged with 18W. Tablet charges much faster and ther is quick charge indicator on lockscreen ("fast charging") and on status bar (double lightning logo).

        I tested that, so I don't understand why Xiaomi doesent't show it in technical specs. It's very important feature.

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          • 19 Sep 2023

          It has fm radio, and it's able to be fast charged with QC3 18W charger (I haven't been able to check whethers it's QC4 / PD compatible - but 18W QC works for sure, much faster than 10W stock charger, and there is fast charging indicator on status bar and lockscreen).

            At 175 USD this is by far the cheapest 11" tablet available in my country. Tablet is really good if you have realistic expectations.

            The good:
            - Tablet doesn't look or feel cheap at all. The light green color looks awesome.
            - Screen and sound are very good for this price.

            The bad:
            - It lags sometimes but it's not that bad as people say, although I can imagine in the near future it will lag much more.
            - Xiaomi launcher looks like a work in progress, icons shouldn't look that horrible at this resolution.

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              • Anonymous
              • P@I
              • 18 Sep 2023

              They just release this for retail in Hong Kong last week
              It lags when open app but for the price it is fair ( $999 HKD)

                I am sure GSM Arena cannot give this tablet a good review
                Note we all are aware of the real entry level status of this tablet.
                I reaf the other reviews and expect don't something from here.
                Please give us your opinion if not review

                  Are Gsmarena decide to not give us review of Redmi pad se or what? Its almost one month since they had announcement of the review.

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                    • PLUSHAK
                    • 6k}
                    • 16 Sep 2023

                    Redmi Pad SE has fm radio!

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                      • 15 Sep 2023

                      Daffyt, 31 Aug 2023Yes, I'm sure. GSM arena is obviously wrong in this ca... moreYea this Redmi Pad SE was also released a few weeks ago where I am

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                        • 15 Sep 2023

                        For $120 this tablet has the best specs of any mainstream branded tablets at the price point.

                        Compare to the Fire HD 10 (2021) which is selling at $135 on Amazon, with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage.

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                          • KGa
                          • 12 Sep 2023

                          charging is too slow, everything except this is ok

                            I realize this is a entry level table.

                            But hasn't GSMArena had it long for a Review?


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                              • techlovers
                              • 6ch
                              • 11 Sep 2023

                              i wish 6/8gb ram will come to indonesia, 4gb for 2023 is not recommended for multitasking/open multiple apps in the sams time

                                This isn't bad for 130 usd (1999000 idr)

                                I wished it was like 8 inch or something, but i'm kinda lean more towards the upcoming tab a9, its small, and uses helio g99 which i guess is decent

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                                  • wrq
                                  • 09 Sep 2023

                                  Looking at the spec it is not so bad actually.
                                  I just need budget tablet to watch videos and browsing so this is probably fine but the problem is the price and 10W charging. The regular Redmi Pad is around 190 euro with 18W charging in my country.

                                    silvermistvio, 07 Sep 2023Please remember that this is a budget tablet. So, you will ... moreYeah, I definitely realize that now, or rather at the time of writing that comment. As I mentioned in the end it's fine for watching content but that's pretty much it. It doesn't have much else going for it.

                                      Daffyt, 31 Aug 2023Disclaimer: 4GB/128GB I already wrote a lengthy comment ... morePlease remember that this is a budget tablet. So, you will only get what you have paid. If you paid low, you'd get low. If you paid high, you'd get high. You can't just expect you can do anything and it can do anything for you without getting hanged ON A BUDGET TABLET. A budget tablet only can do little things compared to high ends. If you hope you can do many things on a budget tablet, then don't buy one. It will just let you down and you will say their products can't do anything, something bad like that. It will just make unnecessary bad reviews. Just go and buy high end tablets in the first place.

                                        fran6325, 29 Aug 2023It is, and a lot worse, G99 is faster than SD685 tooHelio G99 is better than Snapdragon 680 as it (G99) is designed for gaming and multimedia but G99 consumes more power, hence, battery life is not good. But this one uses SD680, so, you'd get longer battery life. As they say, each has its own merits.