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Hi, do you have any information on when it will be available in Europe?

    Super Android 22, 28 Apr 2024Then yeah it makes sense you would find that way more obstr... moreYes, my main frustration is always about the screens, it's not fun when I get aura crown migraine, and can barely read. Who knows, maybe getting older in my case will mitigate some of my issues...

      Konrad Lorenz, 28 Apr 2024Xiaomi mobiles are known to have motherboard issues, which ... moreThen yeah it makes sense you would find that way more obstructive and lower quality with the screens, see i dont have an issue with flicker (doesnt affect me, atleast not yet give it a few years im getting old now 😂).

      See that also makes more sense, thats why i find pixels worse than others, way too many hardware issues that then result in software so yeah that makes sense. Imo I'd say all devices/parts have a certain failure rate but if its a consistent issue like mobo issues which ill be honest, didnt know it was a consistent issue which is my bad, or samsungs screen issues and basically same camera issues each generation then the quality of the parts do need improving.

      I personally dont agree with most devices feeling low quality but yeah i get what you mean and make sense why you think it buddy 😊

        Super Android 22, 28 Apr 2024Unfortunately when you say "displays using FRC" t... moreXiaomi mobiles are known to have motherboard issues, which I consider as low quality. But! My main issue is with the display, to be more specific displays with FRC, I'm sensitive to flicker and consider such devices as low quality as well (I know "low quality" in this context is quite subjective) the field of monitors is a totally different topic. I didn't mention native panels without FRC, because it is obvious that my main issue is with flicker.
        Health is always has higher priority than anything else, but obviously this can also be subjective

          Konrad Lorenz, 28 Apr 2024I'm not going against my own comment, because my last ... moreUnfortunately when you say "displays using FRC" that i never mentioned and said its mostly monitors that do and never said its all panels or that you said all panels, i clarifed what you said. You've just gone "no, you said it" when clearly i didnt but hey ho, more confusing comments.

          Just as an fyi, this is a direct statement from you ; "yes, i consider 12 bit panels low quality, because of FRC sorcery", you didnt say "i believe panels that use FRC are lower quality than true 10/12 bit panels and only ones that do this" which would make more sense and be in line with your own beliefs, you straight up catagorised all phones in this statement.

          Also you still haven't explained what "low quality" means or its definition, its a very simple question that would clarify a very subjective statement, you presume phones using 10 bit or 12 bit panels are "low quality" (you have said this multiple times now) are just "low quality devices", so ignoring the rest of what makes up a phone and focusing on just the screen which, AGAIN, youre using as a valid point to why they are low quality (because of FRC tech). Just read your own comments (i have multiple times and my own replies to them).

          My BenQ 4k ew3270u monitor has 8 bit with FRC, ive tuned mine to be perfectly colour accurate to the sRGB colour grading (came basically perfectly tuned out the box, had to up reds by 1 point), if i put my find X5 next to it and display the same imagine its colour reproduction looks the same, my phone being true 10 bit and i dont get flickering or see it when it was connected to a PC or my Xbox one X, tbf im not really sensitive to it which if you are WOULD make sense why you think that about 8 bit + FRC panels, not phones, just panels.

            Super Android 22, 28 Apr 2024You make literally no sense to the point you're going ... moreI'm not going against my own comment, because my last reply meant to address your comment which assumed that every display is using FRC, that is why I said not every display is using that. I prefer non FRC panels, because of flickering

              Konrad Lorenz, 28 Apr 2024No! I consider nearly all mobile devices low quality. Anywa... moreYou make literally no sense to the point you're going against your own comment, ok lol. You use FRC as a reason for low quality screens yet then go "not all have this" i doubt any phones have it, its usually a monitor feature nor does it represent a low quality screen either, ive seen 10 bit monitors using FRC with 100% colour reproduction and absolutely gorgeous HDR playback. The panel type and technology as in if its an LCD TN panel vs like a quantum dot mini led panel is what im guessing you mean?

              Also please actually explain how all phones are "low quality" or whatever your definition is for "low quality" (ill be honest, it seems you havent got a clue what the actual word means and just being obtuse for absolutely no reason).

                Super Android 22, 27 Apr 2024So youre talking about 8 bit panels that use trickery to re... moreNo! I consider nearly all mobile devices low quality. Anyway not all displays use FRC

                  Kenn Honson X, 15 Apr 2024Not everyone has 100TB/s internet. I live in a third world... moreDid you call germany a 3rd world country? You realise economically and socially germany is doing better than the uk right? You currently have the 3rd largest economy in the world fyi, biggest in europe.

                  You're about 35th in the world for internet via broadband, for mobile data networks your about 23rd, the uk is 47th for broadband, about 36th for mobile data connections so yes you have better higher end speeds and on average higher data speeds than us.

                  Most people in the uk are on between 36mb/s to 72mb/s, thats if your area can even get it.

                    Konrad Lorenz, 27 Apr 2024Yes I consider 12 bit panels low quality, because of FRC so... moreSo youre talking about 8 bit panels that use trickery to replicate a 10 bit panel for monitors, got'cha!

                      Super Android 22, 11 Apr 2024"lower quality parts" ahhh so a 12 bit dolby visi... moreYes I consider 12 bit panels low quality, because of FRC sorcery, BUT! I didn't try to refer to SOC and display, motherboard, mics, repairability are very important factors

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                        • UNA
                        • 27 Apr 2024

                        Summer98, 26 Apr 2024I'm thinking of selling my Poco F5 for this phone just... morei don't think the harry potter edition will be released globally, you should just buy the chinese rom

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                          • Toms
                          • YUU
                          • 26 Apr 2024

                          Look like iqoo z9 turbo much more competative than this phone if this is going to be poco f6.

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                            • Battel
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                            • 26 Apr 2024

                            This turbo3 can support 5g malaysia or not?

                              I'm thinking of selling my Poco F5 for this phone just cause it has the Harry Potter edition. Does anyone know when the global version will be released?

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                                • Futra
                                • YUU
                                • 26 Apr 2024

                                This is the first Redmi with China rom that can use our local (Malaysia) 5G network. Impressive!

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                                  • Pundey
                                  • IVT
                                  • 26 Apr 2024

                                  Voice of millions, 23 Apr 2024''why do people like you do not accept the fact t... moreUse otg lol

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                                    • 25 Apr 2024

                                    Aberdus, 24 Apr 2024This can't be a serious comment.why ????
                                    he mad at all those trolls that keep say like brainless .
                                    "no sd no buy . no 3.5 no buy "
                                    and that you think serious ?

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                                      • 25 Apr 2024

                                      KingSadra1234, 24 Apr 2024That's what we refer to as "Pure BS" here wh... morewhere you live ? nassa ?

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                                        • Stoon
                                        • rXJ
                                        • 25 Apr 2024

                                        is this the next POCO F6 ?!