Xiaomi Redmi Y1 (Note 5A)

Xiaomi Redmi Y1 (Note 5A)

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2020Hey brother cache problem is big one avoid Redmi phonesHey man better is the avoid the purchase of xiaomi phone next time go for vivo oppo Nokia or Samsung

  • Comp guy

Darko, 09 Nov 2019Anyone receive MIUI 11 update ?I did receive miui 11 .Xiaomi devices are the best.

  • Anonymous

Danar Harmadji, 21 Feb 2020clear cacheHey brother cache problem is big one avoid Redmi phones

  • Anonymous

No build quality for more xiaomi phone.
Very very bad quality.

  • Danar Harmadji

Penn, 31 Dec 2019I can only keep 4 apps due to this phone keep telling stora... moreclear cache

  • Kasu

There's a message that keeps appearing on the screen saying Gboard has stopped.that makes it difficult to turn on WI Do so please help.

Why Xiaomi still keeps file for deleted photo??
I go for file manager , I put number like 10,20,30,40,45,55,50,55,67,89, 99 .. they still not delete photo that I delete berore.. sorry my malaysia English

I can only keep 4 apps due to this phone keep telling storage full , how to fix that ??

  • Darko

Anyone receive MIUI 11 update ?

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2019Wht u mean abt this phnHe insulted the phone. Don’t know what problem he didn’t like from that phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2019this smartphone is kontolWht u mean abt this phn

  • Anonymous

this smartphone is kontol

  • Danar Harmadji

TooLagToPlay, 17 Jun 2019I have bought this phone September 2017. I'm writing now on... moreI also experienced the same problem. the battery and also heat up. even though I just opened Google to read the article and immediately heated up and the battery drained. maybe because the processor is based on an old 28nm fabrication.

  • Hmm

PKM1, 18 Jul 2018Do not over charge any Redmi phone. They have a battery bud... moreHow

I have bought this phone September 2017. I'm writing now on 17 June 2019. By far, the only things that I need to commend is the heating up of the phone which is annoying, and battery that starts to shows depletion in terms of maximum charge. I am talking about almost a 2 years old phone. This phone is good when it was new. No complaint at all. Good quality internet/hotspot/calls, good camera (Although not as good as my previous Honor 5A Plus). I guess its time for me to change to another phone, perhaps the Xiomi Pocophone F1 (SD845 processor yaww~!) I'm writing this to give some honor to my current phone. Hehe

  • ammar

its very good phone performing v well its front n back camera are owsom.

  • Sam

Guys I have bought this phone about a year ago first 11 months it performed like a charm but after that it's started nagging me around according to me it's the worst phone ever launch by mi even it's finger print sensor stopped responding. Plz don't go for it.

  • Ade

when is updating miui 10 and oreo 8.1?

  • Ar

MIUI 10 not update and pie 9.0🤔

  • Anonymous

puji, 18 Nov 2018Redmi note 5a prime or oppo a83Oppo a83