Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Lite

Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Lite

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  • DkC
  • 18 Jan 2022

murali mohan, 04 Jun 2021is redmi y1 lite both sim 4g handset or 3 handset iam gett... moreIt allows only one 4g network, for best results use 4g sim in slot 1.

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    • Adi Jaya
    • tDG
    • 23 Jun 2021

    murali mohan, 04 Jun 2021is redmi y1 lite both sim 4g handset or 3 handset iam gett... moreOnly one sim 4G, the other sim must be 3G or 2G. You cannot activate both sim 4G simultaneously though you can switch it on the setting. I read it in the included guidebook so it is not a bug

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      • murali mohan
      • y2x
      • 04 Jun 2021

      is redmi y1 lite both sim 4g handset or 3 handset iam getting 1sim only 4g

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        • Adi Jaya
        • t@g
        • 20 Feb 2021

        Sepfian, 02 Jul 2020Take a deep clean frequently bro.. I have found the best way to solve that problems that is factory reset! 7GB free after I did that. There is one new problem, dead pixel began appear in far bottom left (top back button) screen since four months ago and keep expanding. I guess I will have to buy a new phone in July or August this year... And say goodbye to this phone after three and a half year of use

          Adi Jaya, 29 Feb 2020Very durable smartphone, have been fall several this, this ... moreTake a deep clean frequently bro..

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            • Adi Jaya
            • t@g
            • 29 Feb 2020

            Very durable smartphone, have been fall several this, this phone only suffered minor scratches on its back and few cracks on its glass.
            The battery is still great after 2 years of use and doesn't lag for everyday use (I don't game though).
            The only problem is the internal memory is too small (16 GB) for nowadays usage, I don't know how to conserve the memory.

              Excellent in daily normal use!
              Screen quality are ok enough! With proper and smart setting, the battery will last longer (lets have deep discussion about this, as thia topic are relevant with any smartphones)

              I think redmi concern for their costumer are ok enough too. Please keep this attitude till the last.

              Very recommended!

                Sha, 21 Apr 2018Everything is good except the battery...... weird battery d... moreTake your time in setting menu.
                Disable any app that runs in background in redmi software.

                For example, dont use battery saver mode, and auto brightness. Use less or no automatic program from our phones.

                After that, this phone battery could survive through the day in normal use. Insha Allah.

                Hope this will helps.
                Thank you.

                  too much idle activity in redmi software, drain our battery faster.

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                    • ubI
                    • 23 Oct 2019

                    Nisar, 28 Sep 2019No its a plastic bodyI ise it and its steel

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                      • Nisar
                      • D0H
                      • 28 Sep 2019

                      Skayzt, 29 Jun 2018whether the body is made of plastic or metal?No its a plastic body

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                        • mid-scarface
                        • tVj
                        • 27 Apr 2019

                        good mobile phone, no prob at all after 1 year plus using it. Still in excellent condition though I used many apps and battery still last long. A very good one and very recommended.

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                          • Guijax517
                          • MxL
                          • 19 Feb 2019

                          Abid Jauhar Khalib, 12 Nov 2018miui 10 ???MIUI 10 is already available for this device

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                            • Abid Jauhar Khalib
                            • sEA
                            • 12 Nov 2018

                            miui 10 ???

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                              • Irfu
                              • rJm
                              • 27 Aug 2018

                              Asvath, 12 May 2018this phone is problem with sd card but i didn't notice at firstGo to settings then installed apps.choose file manager and go for more permissions and you have a card read and write permissions. ENABLE IT

                                Skayzt, 29 Jun 2018whether the body is made of plastic or metal?It is plastic I guess.

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                                  • Skayzt
                                  • t@g
                                  • 29 Jun 2018

                                  whether the body is made of plastic or metal?

                                    In Indonesia, it is named Redmi Note 5A. So far I use it, the phone is good. I don't use it for high gaming. For AOV game, it can handle well. For Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII game in PSP, for Disgaea in PSP too, it can handle it well.

                                    No problem for camera, storage, internet, YouTube, calling, accept call. I'm OK for battery life. typing is also good, I can do quickly.

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                                      • redmi
                                      • 6p$
                                      • 20 Jun 2018

                                      note 5A

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                                        • aziz
                                        • 3FV
                                        • 11 Jun 2018

                                        Suresh, 18 May 2018Redmi Phones are very good. But a small problem which redmi... moreAgree on this!