Xiaomi shipped over 300 million Redmi Note phones globally

Michail, 06 December 2022

A day after Xiaomi confirmed it shipped 72 million Redmi Note phone in India since 2014, we have another more impressive milestone – the Redmi Note shipments have grown to 300 million units globally. For those keeping track that's 60 million more units than last year.

Another milestone for the Redmi Note series - 300 million units sold globally
Another milestone for the Redmi Note series - 300 million units sold globally

The past eight years have seen the Redmi Note series become one of the best-selling lineups in the smartphone world and helped Xiaomi move up to the third spot in terms of global smartphone shipments. India is Xiaomi’s biggest market and the brand has held on to the top spot for several years now.

Xiaomi has continued its online and offline retail network expansions across China, India and Europe and we can only assume new Mi Stores will appear in more regions across the globe. Hopefully, future Redmi Note phones will follow a less confusing naming scheme.


Reader comments

The only boring thing is samsung and others bloatware. Pure android experience and ost basic apps does not slow down your phone, does not fill your disk space, eats your ram and disturbs you with updates every a while. You cant be serious. ...

  • Anonymous
  • 08 Dec 2022
  • 6wN

Boring as hell.

Man yes and no A52 was great Samsung A53 cost more but is worse same goes for A54. Every Samsung comes with bloatware. Stock cant be boring because its not a burden for a phone like Samsung, Xiaomi UI, Color OS etc. You have your most basic a...

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