Xiaomi sold 190 million units in 2021, fiscal report shows

Yordan, 24 March 2022

Xiaomi posted its financial results for the previous calendar year, and the numbers look outstanding. The Beijing-based company recorded CNY328 billion revenue, a 33.5% increase over the previous year, while the net profit was CNY22 billion, a whopping 69.5% growth, compared with 2020.

The smartphone segment did impressively - 190.3 million devices were pushed around the world, which is 30% more than 2020. Of them, 24 million were in the premium segment, which is a 160% improvement YoY.

Xiaomi financial results Xiaomi financial results
Xiaomi financial results

The total revenue of the smartphone sales was CNY 208.9 billion. The absolute number reveals growth of 37.2%, but in reality, it is an average of CNY 1,097 per phone, which is the cost of one Chinese Redmi Note 11. The premium shipments consist of all phones that cost over CNY3,000 at the domestic market or over €300 overseas.

Xiaomi keeps expanding its global presence. The financial report revealed almost half of the total revenue came from overseas markets - CNY163.6 billion, a 33.7% increase in monetary value from 2020.

Xiaomi financial results Xiaomi financial results
Xiaomi financial results

Xiaomi’s popularity worldwide is demonstrated by its presence in the Top 5 makers in 62 markets globally, in 14 of which it is the best-selling smartphone manufacturer.

The company is trying to expand its portfolio with AI products, and results for 2021 revealed revenue from other smart devices increased over 26% yearly to reach CNY 85 billion. In the business with air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines, the YoY growth was 60%.

Global monthly active users of MIUI were 509 million in 2021, which is 28.4% more than in 2020. Xiaomi also earns from advertising within its user interface, and revenue jumped 42.3% in this segment to CNY18.1 billion.



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that why, sticking MIUI ads to everyone has making Xiaomi profit. They offers low price with flagship killer phone, and appeared to be MIUI ads lolll. Everyone blame Xiaomi for making MIUI ads annoyed. Better to choose regular price or overprice phon...

Yea surely there is no way ads can be removed lol Simply hilarious how people can't disable ads when its just a 2 minute procedure of going to app settings.

  • Anonymous
  • 27 Mar 2022
  • rjH

Lies, your iPhone doesn't have stable fps on genshin impact, it'll be stable for like 30 minutes and when it starts overheating it gets frame drops to 25 fps, you should've researched first, Apple chips maybe be very powerful but none ...

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