Xiaomi teases its upcoming flagship on Facebook

12 January, 2015

Xiaomi took to Facebook to tease its upcoming flagship smartphone. The company’s social media team released a short video full of hints about the soon to be launched handset.

Post by Mi.

As you can see above, the short clip consists of sentences with missing adjectives which should be filled by the viewers. We reckon that the missing words are 'thin,' 'bigger,' and 'curved.'

Past leaks have suggested that the next Xiaomi flagship will be ultra-thin. Rumored specs for the device include Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 SoC, 3GB of RAM, and QHD display.

The Chinese manufacturer will reveal the successor of Xiaomi Mi4 in less than three days, on January 15. Be sure to tune in for the full scoop on the handset.



Reader comments

If it is not 64bits cpu ready... no deal xiaomi. Gonna go to asus zenfone 2 4gb ram this year

  • Anonymous

What's the point of teasing it in Facebook when it is blocked by the China firewall? Xiaomi decices usually takes ages before it can be sold outside its local turf.

  • AnonD-174463

James. There are other differences apart from clock speed. Improved Display. Improved Camera. Improved Battery Life/Usage. Improved Build Quality (important to some people. not me). More functional S-Pen. And the launch price is not that diffe...