Xiaomi to debut a new Mi Notebook model in India on June 11

Prasad, 01 June 2020

Xiaomi India today announced that it will be launching a brand new model of the Mi Notebook in India on June 11. The announcement will take place at 12PM IST.

The unannounced Mi Notebook model is said to be launching first in India. It is also said to be designed for the Indian market and will be sold exclusively in India.

The company website talks about a thin and light design, FHD display and nondescript claims about performance, storage and battery life. No exact specifications have been revealed so far and even the design is currently under wraps.

The new Mi Notebook model will be the first time Xiaomi has launched a notebook in the Indian market. It's a new direction for the Chinese manufacturer, who has previously been cautious about launching higher priced products in the Indian market. However, along with the recent launch of the Mi 10, the company seems to be testing waters with releasing premium products in the Indian market. How this price and brand conscious market reacts remains to be seen but as tech enthusiasts we appreciate having more and easier access to new and different products.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Not in India now, till they stop keeping our data from all devices flooded in our market. We are happy with other brands but not the dragon. Elephant will be happy without dragon.

  • Anonymous

First make your facts right with other brands Only Manufacturing in china is different then the actual brand is chinese. So our workers will work and chinese will get paid in Brand licensing, Profit, manufacturing as well as ADS all goes to china and...

  • Anonymous

It's not completely true. They have the manufacturing facility in India, where they assemble the products, test the product, etc so by doing this they are giving employment thousands of Indian workers. These workers do not share the same opinion as y...

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