Xiaomi tops China online market in April [UPDATED]

Vlad, 30 May, 2016

Update: Apparently, the numbers in the source, cited in the original article, represented only the online smartphone market in China for the month of April. Another statistic is available, which analyzes the offline market distribution for the same month and the figures there are markedly different.

Oppo is the leader in this respect with a market share of 13.3% of a total of 30.97M devices sold. Xiaomi, which is the undisputed champ in online sales, has a minor 2.9% piece of the offline pie. Apple has a more balanced presence in both markets (11.9% offline, 8.2% online) and gets 11.0% of the overall smartphone market.

Now, Oppo has fallen into the "others" category in the online statistic, so it's hard to say exactly what percentage of the total market the company occupies. However, if we logically assume that in the online market its share is lower than the 3.2% of the lowest ranking named company (Samsung), it won't be able to pass Apple for top spot. Next comes Huawei, with 9.5% total.

Original article follows:

Xiaomi is once again the leader of the Chinese smartphone market, which incidentally is also the biggest in the world. Not only that, but Xiaomi has managed to achieve a record-breaking 26% market share in April, according to research conducted by a local firm. This result was proudly shared on Weibo by Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun.

The second best selling brand in China is Honor with 15.7% of the market, though if we count it together with parent brand Huawei that jumps to 23.7%, so pretty close to the No.1. Coming in third is LeEco, which has climbed to 10.5% of the market in record time (considering its entry into the smartphone space happened just over a year ago).

Apple has 8.2% market share, Meizu gets 7%, 360 has 4.5%, while Samsung is only at 3.2% amazingly. That said, the Others category is pretty big at 17.1%.

While Xiaomi's achievement isn't one to be ignored, do keep in mind that these numbers are for only one month of phone sales, and things can look rather different when taking into account a whole quarter or the full year.

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Market over there is the largest in the world among other countries, and fierce competition too. We need to know what happened over there, specially people who dealing with Apple stock. Some people think globally and can control their emotion, ju...

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i huawei fan ,cant wait to get p9 ,right now its expensive

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And why do they match in US? If they just don't match, they just shouldn't. But u made them comparable, because your comment means xiaomi in China is what apple in US.