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Desna, 21 Apr 2022Battery life stands out for me..... 14 to 24 days without c... moreHow you can have it so many days without charge?
Mine lasts 3 days top

  • Desna

Battery life stands out for me..... 14 to 24 days without charging..... no apple or android watch last that long

  • FHLiew

At this price point, the NFC functionality limited in Global version. Also it has no storage compare to others competitor. In the China Rom, the NFC supports door access and credit card payments, where global version Alexa is not working for most of the region...sighh

  • White Tiger

captain fokou, 21 Mar 2022First you can sideload watch faces, second huawei health is... moreYes, i know i can sideload a watchface, i was just referring to the sheer massive quantity of watchfaces avaliable for the xiaomi, and for the huawei there out there, but, is not at the same volume.
Huawei health app in the Google store ... Just look at the reviews. Even if the app is from the AppGallery, that doesn't mean it will work flawlessly on other phones. I never tested harmony os, but, if huawei goes the way of apple's playbook, that means that you only can get full functionality with a huawei phone. That's not nice ... Honestly, i just want a watch to simply work with my phone no matter what brand of phone. I'm looking for function over beauty.
The GT2 Pro by the simple price tag, was actually what i going to consider until i saw the GT3 ...
Then for some time, i was looking for the GT3 and that's when i hit a snag about the apps ... 3 apps to run a watch ? No ... Give it or take the AppGallery...
Both the Gt2 pro and the Gt3 are gorgeous.
I may still bite the bullet and get the GT3 instead of the S1, only if they arrive before the summer.
About the glass, i don't mind of what glass they use as long as it:s durable and scratch resistant.
I already saw the GT 3 on my wrist and i'm just waiting for the S1 to become available globally...
Then i will do my checking and buy what it's good for me ..
Thanks for the reply, appreciate it ..

White Tiger, 21 Mar 2022Well, i got to say that in terms of customization, Xiaomi h... moreFirst you can sideload watch faces, second huawei health is available on play store and it has the more polished os(harmony os). the big selling point of the s1 is the shappfire glass but my old gt 2 had no scratches with 1 year of use.

  • White Tiger

captain fokou, 15 Mar 2022Gt 3 is a better value Well, i got to say that in terms of customization, Xiaomi has the upper hand here ...
They say they have 200 watchfaces FOR FREE and with a bit of luck you can get a customized one for free too ... there's plenty of apps and websites that provide easy install of those watchfaces ...
With the GT3, you only get half a dozen, if so, and if you want more, be prepared to pay ...
There's no free alternative to install customized watchfaces.
Also, you have to install the App Gallery apk in your phone, unless it's a Huawei phone.
Then, you have to install the Huawei Health from the App Galery and not from the Google Play Store version. Then, you have to install Huawei core services ...
How many apks will i put on the phone just to get the watch working ?
Plus, some functions are restricted because, they only work with huawei phones.
Now, Xiaomi ... You install Xiaomi wear on the Google Play Store, create an Xiaomi Account, pair the watch with the app and that's it ...
Personaly, i was going to buy a GT3 for the battery life ... I don't play any sports, i just walk around during the day and i want a screen where i can see my notifications ...
When i saw the hurdle to get the watch working and the lack of customization, I was putted off pretty much from the get go ... Then i saw the Xiaomi S1, problem is that is only china based ... Then, this week, the global version was made avaliable. However, right now, the S1 Active is the only one selling right now. I will have to wait a bit longer until they release the S1 with the Global version software. If the batery life is the same as the Huawei ( i'm aiming to a 10 day usage ) then, just because of simplicty, i will go Xiaomi.
Of course, this can change when i get reviews on the S1 Active, which means that i will see how much battery life can it handle ... And if i want to start to do running, it has compatiblity with Strava app.
Let's see what will be my veridict once i go to the store and buy the watch ...
Only one downside for me is the thickness and the large screen that because a bit too big for my wrist. But, i prefer having a big screen with a good battery life, than a small watch with a battery life that after only a day, i have to charge it ...
So, for notifications, telling the time and the occasional measurements, i'm leaning towards this one ...

Gt 3 is a better value

  • Anonymous

That HUGE bezel around the screen is a real waste of valuable screen real estate! Lose the bezel, define the memory (add more, lots more) and sales will surge.

It seems like Xiaomi have a lot of work to do to catch up with Samsung in terms of watches alongside earbuds and foldables.

  • Anonymous

I am really waiting this smartwatch. When will i get it ?

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2021It is truly amazing that ALL these watches seem to have the... moreOh? Here is the first watch that came into my mind to compare with, Samsung Galaxy Watch4

Different screen size, resolution, battery size, chipset, sapphire crystal vs gorilla glass, bluetooth version 5.2 vs 5.0. Then as far as more traditional watch design goes, it has different design on the straps, lugs, buttons/pushers and so on. Pretty much everything is different. . . Even the OS.

  • Adrian

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2021It is truly amazing that ALL these watches seem to have the... moreYou dont even how right you are :)
Can you say Huami?

  • Anonymous

It is truly amazing that ALL these watches seem to have the same specs (Apple an exception)?! It seems they ALL are made in one factory with only the brand name plates changed to try to differentiate.

  • santan

still not wear os, oppo watch 41mm at indonesia price $100 and 46mm at $150

  • Thunder

Why is there no cellular connectivity