Xiaomi Mi A4 not coming as Android One program gets the axe

Ro, 04 August 2020

We have some bad news for stock Android lovers as Xiaomi is leaving the Android One program behind. Its Mi A-series has gained popularity mostly in the western market by offering clean Android experience at the customary for the company aggressive prices. Anyone looking for the vanilla Android was bound to stumble upon one of Xiaomi's A series.

Xiaomi will no longer make Android One phones, the Mi A-series get axed

However, the company has officially confirmed that it will no longer release handsets running Android One, which in turn means that there won't be Mi A4. There's no specific reason for the discontinuation of the lineup but our educated guess would be the issues Xiaomi was facing with the software when providing updates to these phones. They were often late even though the Android One program is all about swift updates and longer support.

Interestingly enough, Motorola has been steering away from the Android One initiative with the last couple of releases sticking to pure Android with some added features on top, much like OnePlus is doing. So this leaves HMD as the only major maker, still running the Android One show.

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Reader comments

  • Rizkah

😭 was waiting for MiA4 very disappointed to read this ... would like to know what is going to be the replacement...🤔

  • some1

I don't get why more companies do not participate in Android One. Less work for Xiaomi on the software part. What is the problem with that?!

Why doesn't Xiaomi confirm the Mi A4 is a no-go? I'm using Mi A1 needing to change,but wait for A4 or move on? Real frustrating.I read somewhere a Mix CC was gonna be rebranded as an A4!

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