Xiaomi will soon sell its products through vending machines in India

Prasad, 13 May 2019

Xiaomi has announced its plans to set up Mi Express Kiosks in India. These are vending machines that customers can use to buy Xiaomi products directly, without having to deal with any middlemen.

These vending machines will be present across metro cities in public areas with greater footfall such as tech parks, metro stations, airports, and shopping malls.

Consumers will be able to purchase products using credit cards, debit cards, cash and UPI.

The company plans to set up these kiosks over the coming months and eventually also expand to more cities across the country.

The Mi Express Kiosk is yet another move from the company to cut out the middleman and sell products directly to the customer. Xiaomi already does this through its Mi.com website as well as the Mi Home retail stores. This allows them to sell products at a much lower price. The Mi Express Kiosks are especially cost-effective, as they require no salesperson or staff to be present and customers can operate the machine by themselves.

Further information about these kiosks and their locations will be available in future on Mi.com.


Reader comments

I'm actually more worried about warranty coverage. Is there will be one when buying from this machine?

Sorry but as I know, service centers require the warranty card and the official receipt as proofs of the purchase to be used in validating the warranty coverage.

I can already see one in my office campus. This is really cool from Xiaomi.

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