Xiaomi working on a Memory extension feature for MIUI

Ro, 30 April 2021

Memory allocation has been all the craze lately. Take the vivo X60 Pro+, for example. It gives you the option to extend the memory by allocating storage so you gain extra 3GB of RAM. Well, it seems that Xiaomi is working on such a feature of its own too.

Xiaomi working on a Memory extension feature for MIUI

A tipster found buried deep in MIUI 12's source code a feature named "Memory extension". It does what the vivo X60 Pro+ does but it's limited to 1GB only. It requires some tinkering before you can unlock the toggle, though.

Memory extension feature description
Memory extension feature description

Hopefully, the feature won't be limited to high-end Xiaomi phones only as the extra RAM would most probably benefit older devices with lower RAM capacity. After all, the idea of Memory extension is to improve multi-tasking capabilities and keep more apps opened in the background.



Reader comments

  • Sayantan

I want to say that Xiaomi must give at least 4 GB virtual ram. And Global Device variants like Redmi Note 7 global must need virtual ram update in MIUI 13

  • PoolDead

Rip the sdcard i hope it got peace after dying

  • miki

first make the ram management better, not to reload apps on every switching, then I'll consider this brend as good buy.. but Xiaomi never listening to its users so 🤷🏻‍♂️

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