Xiaomi finally launches US and EU accessory store next week

27 May, 2015

Last we heard anything about it, Xiaomi's online accessory store for the US and a few EU countries was supposed to go live in mid-May. For whatever reason, though, the Chinese company has decided that a June launch would be better.

So today it's sent us word that its much-awaited first foray into 'Western' markets will happen early next week. In the US, the online store will open at 7 PM PDT on June 1, while in France, Germany, and the UK it will be available from June 2 at 1 PM CEST.

The different launch hours are as puzzling as what happened to the May inauguration. In Xiaomi's store you'll be able to find two power banks, a pair of headphones, as well as the Mi Band for fitness freaks.

The 5,000 mAh power bank can be yours for just $9.99, while the 10,400 mAh model costs $13.99. The Mi Headphones, with their large 50mm diaphragm, will go for $79.99. The Mi Band will require you to shell out $14.99, and it's just received support for syncing with Google Fit.

All orders will be shipped from China, and there will be a (not yet detailed) return policy too, in case you're not satisfied with the product you get. You also obviously receive warranty, since you're buying straight from the maker of these accessories.

Xiaomi boasts that its 10,400 mAh power bank is the best selling such accessory in the world, with over 10 million units moved globally ever since its initial release in December 2013.

The Mi Band is IP67 certified for dust and water resistance, and it has 30-day battery life. Xiaomi is currently selling 1 million of these each month.


Reader comments

First line in the article, answers your question

  • Samarth N8 808 redmi

Their Indian store has just 2 products, that too both out of stock for most of the time. So, what's the point?

  • UnNamed

They will not sell phones in the US. Apple will slap Xiaomi with lawsuits!

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