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  • Thomaas_gill
  • fCZ
  • 20 Aug 2019

ak, 16 May 2019i am not getting the update for my xolo era x mobile.U have to download it manually..

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    • ak
    • Fvc
    • 16 May 2019

    i am not getting the update for my xolo era x mobile.

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      • Arun
      • g}u
      • 28 Feb 2019

      There is a bug in marsmallow android version

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        • someah
        • D0h
        • 06 Aug 2018

        Anonymous, 24 Sep 2017Update to marshmallow and so problems are solved. im also u... morehow to downlod version 6 update which website download marahollow.

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          • Hema
          • vwk
          • 21 Jun 2018

          It Is Very Very Good Device For Me.

            [deleted post]Xolo era 2v video mp3 automatic stop, download automatic stop problem....pls half me sir

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              • srinivasan
              • g34
              • 17 Apr 2018

              I purchased the zolo X era but i am not satisfied the product, charging problem is arising every time, I service so many times in leading service centres.what can i do sir

                • K
                • Karthick
                • D06
                • 05 Mar 2018

                AnonD-668425, 11 May 2017this mobile is coming in nougat but i don't know when ... moreMy phone software marswella 6 not update my deivce 7 pls one best solution

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                  • KP
                  • PEd
                  • 27 Jan 2018

                  xolo era x
                  8mp camera result verty poor, update camera result.

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                    • Prasanth
                    • yp1
                    • 24 Sep 2017

                    I bought this device on 2016 april. This has poor battery capacity & alsi 3 hours to take fully charged . In lolipop version i found viruses , unwanted games automatically download. after upgrading to marshmallow problem solved. one good thing is this has 4G and volte support. also dual sim capablity.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • yp1
                      • 24 Sep 2017

                      jesson, 18 Jan 2017I'm getting sudden game download from unknown source at my ... moreUpdate to marshmallow and so problems are solved. im also using marshmallow version

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                        • Prasanth
                        • yp1
                        • 24 Sep 2017

                        harry, 11 Jul 2017how to upgrade it to marshmallow Go to settings ,then below u found about phone select it and go for software update
                        I also upgraded to marshmallow

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                          • Raju H T
                          • NH$
                          • 15 Sep 2017

                          I baught this mobile in Nov'2016 and it is not even 1 year over
                          and it stopped recharging and thinking that it is the problem with just pin, I gave it to one local service centre who do not know to diagnose the issue...than changed the charging pin but still the same issue arised and finally decided to take it to the Xolo service centre thinking that it is under warranty and their the service centre people said that since this is opened already by some body, warranty is ceased and I have to pay if any problem is there and they said that if Motherboard problem, than I may have to cough of 3850 as this mobile cost itself, 6,400.00, paying 3850 is not worth and I have decided to buy Branded one and not this kind of companies one just relaying on Sudheep Add.

                          my sincere, advise is that, buy Mobile - Only Branded which comes for years
                          like LG which I used for 5 years till I lost in train

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                            • justin
                            • D0e
                            • 04 Sep 2017

                            Anonymous, 15 Jul 2017phone is totally wasteyes it's true ,no OTG souupert , charged very slowly and dry very fast cemara quality is very poover with frente flash

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                              • Anonymous
                              • D0e
                              • 04 Sep 2017

                              User, 30 Mar 2017My phone battery is taking 3 hr to charge and also draining... moreyes,also my mobile .its very big problem to xolo era x

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                                • Vineet Ahuja
                                • gN$
                                • 26 Jul 2017

                                Xolo era x ,i buy this from snapdeal gorilla glass bt low quality phone there r many scraches on screen n also charging point very cheap so i think purchase of this phone is wrong decision so guys dont do mistake like me purchase other brand phone serivce center also want money to repair.very poor services so be smart

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • g3C
                                  • 15 Jul 2017

                                  phone is totally waste

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                                    • harry
                                    • yZt
                                    • 11 Jul 2017

                                    how to upgrade it to marshmallow

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                                      • Bhagay
                                      • tYW
                                      • 03 Jul 2017

                                      I brought this divice in march 2017. I am having a problem that its display becoming some another color. How can I fix that problem,? It occuring sometimes. Can you suggest any solution?

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                                        • Jugal
                                        • fCZ
                                        • 30 Jun 2017

                                        I had got marshmallow update and installed.After installation the OEM unlock button in developer option doesn't work.