XOLO Hive 8X-1000

XOLO Hive 8X-1000

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  • Anonymous

Not worth buying this phone. Reasons :-
1. Battery is very bad. Not survive even in warranty period. Experienced 3 times.
2. No battery backup
3. Poor service center.

  • kartikey

The phones processor and ram is gud i played asphat 8,nfs most wanted,gangester vegas, etc big games no lag smooth performance...........

But the biggest problem is battery it is horrible drains very fast in 1½ less hours don't buy it

  • Anonymous

Positivo Octa X800?

  • pawanwankhade00

no body can purchace this mobile because this mobile has been meny problem creates like battery problem , spare parts not available.... my mobile has problm in cervice centre in warrenty bt they dont give me spare parts and say that spare are not available... nd after my mobile has benn parmanent off because motherboard pblm.... so dont purchace this mobile xolo

  • pratik

Is 3d class mobile

  • akash

Battery Is very bad

  • viojay

battery back up is very low

  • rocki

this is very bad phone having battery problem and bad servicing in any service centre

  • Mike

violet kaezan, 22 Mar 2016I wanna buy this... Phone... So any one??? please .. Help..... moreHi I've used almost 2years now didn't face any problem yet.the battery did gud for 1920 mah hardware is awesome but hive is a bit lagging but I enjoyed it since the back is also a glass protect when playing HD games the phone get heated but the games run smooth though.i love it more then my previous phones galaxy grand n grand 2..

  • aman

battery consumption is very high ,without any use.
very bad mobile

  • naresh

Good phone with specifications offered, however there are two lag that i observed is phone hits up tooo much u cannot keep it near your ear, while talking and also battery backup, battery hardly stays live till 3 hours have to keep on feeding it entire day, didnt had the opportunity to travel with this phone, would be paralysed.
I had a problem in span of 2 months from buying, phone got shut down due to increase in temperature and was unable to start it, have to go to service centre and those chaps were asking me money for replacing with the new one, they said battery is dead and cant be repaired, after my prolonged discussion with the team, they gave me back the phone with same battery, which was working.

In totality it would be foolishness to buy phone with good specs with poor battery and pathetic customer care centre.

  • papu

My wifi range problem

  • kk

prasad, 19 Jan 2016i want to buy xolo black 1x is it good or not.?it is very bad phone ..
keypad is better yhen this

  • arjun veer

Toshi, 03 Apr 2016Im a xolo play 8x 1000 user There are many issues like sec... moreYoshi even I wasted my money in this crap company 8x1000

  • arjun veer

This phone is just a crap. & xolo is a pathetic n a worst company. They don't give an update .they don't provide a hive theme just to fool people they showed soo much of stuff before...battery drains very quickly .and the system they are using for xolo is HIVE seriously worst..I would prefer all the people not to buy any phones of xolo...and sorry to say xolo can't be said a smartphone .China phones are far better than this company phones.

  • pancham kumar

nonu, 17 Dec 2015i have to bought this phone plzz help me can i bought or not??? How can I change the. Battery in future

  • Bright feroz

Bought it in 2014 just after its launch....was surprised by its battery backup and hd shooting camera.No heating problems were detected.Front camera quality is worst than a VGA cam.I ordered fr a new battery as becz battery discharges in seconds....Although in standby mode with data offline in condition...Its made fr frequent handset changers,Discard it after one year of use...

  • AnonD-524340

It is only good for a year, and then throw it away from your window.

  • Toshi

Im a xolo play 8x 1000 user
There are many issues like secondary camera is worst
,heating problems, no battery backup,lagging problem ,ph automatically switches off
This phone is a wastage of money.

  • Anonymous

violet kaezan, 22 Mar 2016I wanna buy this... Phone... So any one??? please .. Help..... moredon't buy this phone.. its really disappointing.. battery is really horrible.. heating problem.. heat up within few minutes.. it will become so hot that it's going to explode.. will keep you worry all the time. Better to throw away money than to buy..