XOLO Play 8X-1200

XOLO Play 8X-1200

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this phone is awsome

  • AnonD-567089

i am using this phone for 1 year, it's working fantastic. in gaming also, serves good, sometimes in heavy gaming ,it heats up but no issue for me. The only disadvange is it is having kitkat version, and no update from xolo till now. recently rooted my phone with kingroot, and performance is improved that surprised me.

  • Vishal pranami

This phone is heat b cause this is a mettal body

N when u a charge this phone u dont use this phone
I promise do not complain agin 4 heat

I love this phone his camera is very good n only one problem wife network clearly not searching

  • Vish

I m using this phone last 7 month .this phone camera is good. Bt wife is not clearly catch network n when u using this phone in charge it was vary hot his body so i tell u do not use this phone using charge n bettery back is good

I love this phone

  • harsha

Handset getting very hot even normal apps.....worst phone for longlife.......

  • x5000

This is very nice phone especially its both back and front camera This phone is with me about 8 months and I fells good by owning this device

  • Dharmesh Dobariya

I use this phone upto 5 month,
it has many problems.
like batter back up is low, automaticaly switch off, some time service has been not work properly, etc.
Plz don't take this phone.

  • rtu

I am using this phone from 5 months and it is an excellent device I am facing no prob with this device

  • yo yo ka fan

best phoneeeeeeeeee buy it

  • Anonymous

gagan, 11 Aug 2015What a phone !!! Woow . excellent ! Super .I love u xolo .... 2 ... moreSeriously... R u using cell only for calling... M using this xolo play 8x 1200 since last yr. N trust me i hv to charge it 2 time per day. N while watching mvi battery will be low after finishing single mvi after full charge. Wifi doesnt catch signals properly. N too much heating issue even after lowering cpu performance in setting.

  • mike

niel858, 13 Feb 2015i am using this phone for 3 months now,excellent product from xo... moreM not agree with this review. Gaming performance is good but mobile heat like a hot French fry. U cant bear it on yr face or ear while some one calls u while u r playing game or while charging. Graphics r good bur wi fi device is very poor. Same goes with battery need to charge 2 to 3 times per day. N dont expect for any update, company policies are only focused on selling.

  • mike

ananda, 01 Aug 2015I want to buy a phone so I am confused about xolo play 8X-1200 ,... moreDont go gor xolo, i hate this cell, using this cell for last 1months. I hate this cell. Nothing good abt hardware n software look like Chinese phone.

  • gagan

What a phone !!! Woow . excellent ! Super .I love u xolo .... 2 days battery backup .no tensn of charging ..speechless ...

  • Jack

AnonD-362776, 12 Feb 2015I am using this phone for the past 6 months now. Overall, this p... moreThanks

  • ananda

I want to buy a phone so I am confused about xolo play 8X-1200 , micromax a350 or lenovo vibe x2-ap please anyone help me which phone is good

  • Thudhi

I bought last few month back on this phone.. Every day I facing different kind of issue.. Last I had used xolo q800, that's really good. That's why I goto this company. But am really disappointed. My kind advice when you plan to buy this mobile then please choose other option.
Its really not worth on our price..

Camera only advantage on this mobile..

  • Smitesh

....., 30 Jun 2015I have recieved a software update buh as soon as i open it ,, th... moreSame problem

  • .....

kaushal, 21 Apr 2015Anyone is receiving any updates??? 5.0 or anything??I have recieved a software update buh as soon as i open it ,, the app stops

  • Anonymous

sathish, 12 Apr 2015I received a update but that was error I can't understand what g... moresoftware update is unfortunately stop

  • Anonymous

Bought xolo 8x1200 after a lot of research in Aug2014.Its touch started giving troubles very soon.You enter one thing through keys and it displays other,selecting pics from the lower side of gallery became a task,similarly while selecting refresh option on whatsapp it opened some thing else.Its soft keys became dead may 2015,i.e.in just9 months after purchase.I had to deposit it at a shabby service centre,which has sent it to noida for the change of touch,which will take 15-20 days,Sic,Now i am without a smart phone.I am repenting my decision of buying this phone.