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  • Blabelgo
  • uM6
  • 03 Jun 2018

Cannot connect the phone call and internet

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    • tYW
    • 09 Nov 2017

    SUBROJIT, 01 Sep 2017This phone is good for very roughly use.I am using this pho... moreyes!I also use this mobile from 2.5 years n also very roughly but it is very hard I never hang I play high graphic games in this 1gb ram mobile it is good.but it is some network problem.

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      • Anonymous
      • tYV
      • 09 Nov 2017

      best phone ever love it
      i played high graphics game it never hangs

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        • SUBROJIT
        • fCZ
        • 01 Sep 2017

        This phone is good for very roughly use.I am using this phone from 2years and also running. never hang and not slow.but battery is very good service when battery is low or 3%.also thanks to meadiateck.

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          • Anonymous
          • ut0
          • 14 Jun 2017

          it is not a good phone
          battery is not good
          both cameras are worst
          it hangs most of the time
          in short this mobile is waste of money nothing else.

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            • padubha zala
            • X0C
            • 14 Apr 2017

            Anonymous, 29 Nov 2015I'm using xolo prime from 6 month it's a great lowest price... moreSuper phone good battery backup touchpad is good but camera kwality is low

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              • Doom
              • Xuw
              • 03 Apr 2017

              pompa , 27 May 2016Me 2 also having prblm of WiFi and bluetooth its not workin... moreGuys....those who are complaining about Bluetooth and wifi is because of the antivirus software (McAfee) installed in your color prime....uninstall it to rectify the errors in Bluetooth and wifi.....!!!!

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                • AnonD-629051
                • GXp
                • 06 Jan 2017

                Stable ROM and optimized hardware. For This price I can't expect more.

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                  • AnonD-600522
                  • Mfx
                  • 21 Oct 2016

                  never hang (don"t use vidmet app)

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                    • rony
                    • u78
                    • 19 Oct 2016

                    there was activate a alarm controler virus . which did not uninstall

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                      • Tamil
                      • P%{
                      • 13 Oct 2016

                      This mobile was very super

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                        • Ritik bhargava
                        • rKJ
                        • 30 Sep 2016

                        Its a good phone i want to update it but it doesn't update pls.Help me to udate

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                          • AnonD-489262
                          • uM6
                          • 10 Sep 2016

                          COC not getting proper time to play,after playing for while.the phone display Thermal warning n gets shuts down..is there any solutions for it... overall the phone is just awsome!!

                            • N
                            • Naveen Jawla
                            • GQa
                            • 06 Sep 2016

                            nancy , 09 Mar 2016How to delete only one call detail from the call logs ? Dear Nancy....
                            Dont worry call log can be deleted
                            Plz...Follow these some step
                            Step1: Go in 6°contacts
                            Step2: From there open call log
                            Step3: Select the history which you want to delet
                            Step4: Press Menu button
                            Step5: Then click on delete
                            Step6: Then click on yes

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                              • Pratik
                              • Xu@
                              • 05 Sep 2016

                              Update the mobile version into marshmallow plzzzzzzz.....

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                                • Anonymous
                                • Xug
                                • 02 Sep 2016

                                xolo prime is such a phone that makes me feel comfortable but, it becomes hot like a flame when I play clash of clan only for 5-10 mins....... guys good phone but low battery storage..

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                                  • Ashique yakkub.
                                  • YT1
                                  • 12 Aug 2016

                                  good mobile. nice cam . good batary

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                                    • Naveen Jawla
                                    • Hkt
                                    • 02 Jul 2016

                                    Kinstein, 07 Feb 2016Hi, can any mind to tell which on is better; xolo prime or ... moreYou should buy Xolo prime because Xolo having 1GB RAM and J1 having 789 MB RAM when you fill your xolo prime ram about 960 it will not hang but if you fill Ram of J1 about 600 MB it will become hang so in my way xolo prime is better than J1 and price of xolo prime is 4,000 only and price of Samsung Galaxy J1 is about 7100

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                                      • s r l
                                      • fCA
                                      • 23 Jun 2016

                                      nancy , 09 Mar 2016How to delete only one call detail from the call logs ? Go to view full history ,on right corner press the 3 dotted line,there iz delete opt.

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                                        • Jed
                                        • KAE
                                        • 16 Jun 2016

                                        wow what a mobile i didn't like that