XOLO Q1000 Opus

XOLO Q1000 Opus

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  • shivendra

AnonD-222413, 08 Jan 2014guys i am confised between opus and MMX CANVAS 2.2 plzz help me ... morebest feature and sound quality have this phone only camera little low than other phone

  • Anonymous

i want to know that is it true that this phone get heated very much n very fast?

  • Madhav

Kindly confirm whether its WIFI hotspot is available or not?

  • pinky

M planning to buy xolo phone but Iím a nit confuse between 700i,800,1000,1000opusÖ..Guys which one will be better????
Plz reply asap

  • AnonD-222413

guys i am confised between opus and MMX CANVAS 2.2 plzz help me out.... as m a music lover plz tell about the sound quality of both phones.....

  • AnonD-222372

ajay, 28 Dec 2013Guys! can i go for this mobile? Or advise for someone other.I think go ahead.... Xolo phones migvht be slightly costlier than MMX.. but generall y have slightly better hardware... like BSI vs Normal Camera.. IPS display vs Normal TN TFT LCD display in MMX... additionally i see people complaining about Software/hardeare bug in MMX.. like even famous HD116 had GPS problems. camera issues, random crashes... which for some got fixed by updates...

I have purchased 3 Xolo mobiles in past, 2 of Q 800.. and 1 of Q 700.. one used by my wife.. and 2 by my friends.. all satisfied.... In fact I just ordered this phone for myself after my 6" Swipe Volt 1000 gps problem waas noted and Flipkart rerfunded my money... Now I am waiting to get my hands on this one..

  • AnonD-222372

AnonD-221200, 04 Jan 2014does it supports hd gamingyes... its gPU is capable of handling Dual 720P stream... but since screen is no HD.. so don't expect quality of video to be HD.. thats all

  • srk

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2014What about call sound quality ?Audio is not upto mark ....

  • Anonymous

akki, 06 Jan 2014can we move apps to sd card???....yes

  • Anonymous

What about call sound quality ?

  • Neel

Sound quality is too low,...the phone gets much heat very fastly specially on Camera position....shitty phone am gona sell it...

  • Anonymous

Touch & coversation call quality are the main features of any model. All the users of this model are requested to comment on these two issues so as to help who want to buy this model.

  • AnonD-215601

micromax canvas blaze is better


i wnt 2 know that hd vedio recooding possible and skyp and viber and whats app support

  • AnonD-221620

can we move apps to sd card???

  • akki

can we move apps to sd card???....


mobile serv is good

  • AnonD-221200

AnonD-215864, 17 Dec 2013Its IPS display (IPS is display technology), where as VGA etc ar... moredoes it supports hd gaming

  • AnonD-221200

Hk, 27 Dec 2013Bought this today@9000 its awesome look good battery great gami... morebro from where u buy it

  • kamlesh

A good phone in this price .but audio quality is not up to the mark .its poor