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  • rajsoft76
  • rKJ
  • 18 Jan 2017

Very good phone. . using it from 2 years. .

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    • Chiru
    • rKQ
    • 23 Mar 2016

    rock, 28 Nov 2014send me the dimensions Waste phone and battery

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      • Anonymous
      • 2@x
      • 11 Dec 2015

      K, 06 Aug 2015The Xolo phones has many problems. 1. Contacts get mixed w... morexolo Q500 mobile battery is very bad.

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        • prem
        • HsK
        • 30 Oct 2015

        AnonD-438561, 08 Sep 2015This is not good product to buy if you want to get trouble ... moreNo one will help you for this phone services...
        No battery in market since 1.5yrs
        I have given complaints in service center n number of times, no response bullshit company
        No help from customer care
        A big fraud with customers

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          • AnonD-438561
          • v{S
          • 08 Sep 2015

          This is not good product to buy if you want to get trouble in life so that you can buy. This Phone has countless problems:
          1. Battery: Battery power & life both are very low. If you want to buy new battery you will not get at their service center and online websites.
          2. Software Update: Phone will never update.
          3. Screen: If phone screen has broken and you visit the service center, You will not get proper solution.
          4. Back cover & Screen Protector: If you want to buy screen protector & back cover you will not get in any online website.

          I will never buy & recommend XOLO smartphones.

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            • puran
            • w4v
            • 27 Aug 2015

            vary bad battery not available in market.

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              • john karia
              • PBx
              • 18 Aug 2015

              i am a late buyer I buyed this in a very urgent situation so i coudnt get much information about this ,but after buying i hope i had more time ,...i am an idiot for being fast . i have problem with battery ,poor flash,i think in a overlook this phones overool performance does not meet its price

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                • Ramu
                • EP$
                • 09 Aug 2015

                is there any way to root xoloq500,??

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                  • rKv
                  • 06 Aug 2015

                  The Xolo phones has many problems.
                  1. Contacts get mixed with each other
                  2.Battery seems to be of very poor grade quality
                  3. LED light of camera seems that there is no use of flash at night , as it is just for show.
                  not worth for flash.
                  4.Turns off automatically
                  5.No resale value
                  6.No software update
                  7.No spare parts available
                  8.Doe not supports any full version games
                  and many many more about this F Class phone.

                    • S
                    • Sam
                    • KA0
                    • 26 Jun 2015

                    Problem with contact list..names get mixed up...wifi keeps on getting disconnected...any solutions?

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 2@x
                      • 03 Jun 2015

                      xolo q500 mobile is excellent but battery function is less satisfactory.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • X{d
                        • 06 May 2015

                        Xolo Q500 initially worked well. Later got problem with display screen. And now battery is gone. When asked in service centre, they reply that it is asked. it's been more than a month. I suggest not to buy dubba mobiles like this. I would like to know if there is any replacement for this cell??

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                          • vaibhav
                          • uth
                          • 18 Apr 2015

                          very bad , bogus battry dont buy,

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                            • pank
                            • vIH
                            • 14 Apr 2015

                            pzzzzzz dontt buyyy xolo any phone badd fuction and after a 6 month gat start functionaly auto matic

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                              • SHEENU
                              • X}x
                              • 13 Mar 2015

                              battery backp is very ppor. no sevices available in mrket. always give advice to my friends not to buy this mobile.

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                                • navteeth
                                • uu7
                                • 23 Feb 2015

                                Bad battery and goes on heating while in use....not a phone to be brought....

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                                  • Sachin Huns
                                  • v{{
                                  • 19 Feb 2015

                                  mohit, 01 Feb 2014Dose It support OTG connector......??? Pls any reply, ... moreNo

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                                    • Ann
                                    • vGQ
                                    • 13 Feb 2015

                                    Xolo q500 has lot of problems.when i put my card in the 2 nd slot.lot of service messages were coming.more over sound is low.battery back up is worst.i have serious problems with battery and battery is not available in market.my query is can i buy a xolo q700 battery for mine.Dono what to do? Service centers also say battery not available.worst xolo.pl don't buy this phone.

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                                      • pronab
                                      • Mfx
                                      • 12 Feb 2015

                                      good mobile but extremely bad battery life and battery is not available in market neither online.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • vbS
                                        • 07 Jan 2015

                                        Which SD card is compatible for xolo Q500 and how much GB is maximum.