Yezz Andy 4.5EL LTE

Yezz Andy 4.5EL LTE

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  • AnonD-565338
  • pgb
  • 28 Jul 2016

One of the crappiest phone on the market. The screen is absolutely terrible, the viewing angles are ridiculous and I won't even mention the screen res, at 480*854, it speaks for itself. The battery won't give you more than 2h of sot. The 5mp shooter is shit so are the 3.5gb of storage.

The bloatware is another joke from Yezz (even the name of that brand is repulsive). Once you start the phone, the first thing you do is actually uninstalling/disabling 100% of the non-Google apps. The gig of ram is just not enough, or rather, the ram management is weak.. I bought this phone as a temporary device, I didn't bought it to make it my daily driver, thank god.

For some reasons, the 4g sim slot stopped getting signal so I returned it (bad customer service btw) and finally decided to buy a refurbished Amazon Fire Phone (same price than this shitty Andy), which is an immensely better phone once you set up the Play Store and use a decent launcher.

Yezz ? Would rather go for Nozz.


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    • vro
    • mLb
    • 03 Feb 2016

    it has no Aufofocus ... video capture is only HD and 15frames/sec ..poor camera like 10 years old phones ..... internal memory is only 4gb and user accesible is 3.5gb ....

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      • yuga
      • w43
      • 31 Aug 2015

      hoW is that camra qualitY