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This phone... Failed?
Just wanna compare with some samsung's.

Announced in December 2012 yet released in November 2013, 11 months after it was announced. I suspect that there's something wrong with this phone.

  • YP

Got 3 years of juice out of this lovely mobile phone.

Now, battery has bloated & am getting no support for battery replacement from the co. nor the online shopping site I bought it on nor a series replaced on the shopping shelf.

No other EPD dual screen phones, so finding it difficult to choose anything that can match this.

  • Anonymous


  • Rock rag

dk, 13 May 2015Is it 4g support in Indian bandsIt is supported for 4g

  • dk

I can i get new battery

  • AnonD-591484

my lte network is not working can u help me ..how can i sort this out

  • Aware

dk, 13 May 2015Is it 4g support in Indian bandsYes

  • Guest20160519

The only thing special is 2nd display e-ink screen. All others are a bit behind for the premium price.

  • jk

i am confused

  • AnonD-438274

How do you place this phone when idle top/bottom ?

  • adni

Will it hang!!!

  • binay

am using the device last six month it's realy amazing phone ,,am too much happy to access the device.. Thank you YOTAPHONE Umaaaaa..

  • jsf

nice phone

  • AnonD-413926

sdk, 09 Jun 2015 Guys will u believe my yotaphone hang twice in a day miniumrestart the phone daily!then the phone doesn't hang too much

  • error

Will it be able to update to lollipop or kitkat

  • VC

What a phone, who cares about kick kat or lollipop, I have Samsung s6 and this is my second and unique phone. I love it. Perfect size, smooth, lovely rear display, 32GB, 2GB Ram, Decent camera, battery is ok ( Power bank is a must for most of the phones, so why worry )

Yota and Google please listen, always give all upgrades to all the phones and don't let down or down grade,

  • sdk

Guys will u believe my yotaphone hang twice in a day minium

  • uday

Got the black version of this mobile last week. Battery back up is good, not as i saw in some reviews. The speaker vopume is kinda low.. Camera doesn't perform good in low lightings. The Android is still 4.2.2(pretty outdated). I got 3 sets of system update once i connected to my network.. They updated a few YOTA apps and installed flipkart, flipkart eBook apps(made them system apps i.e unable to uninstall)

  • Arun

Still it is running on Android OS, v4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)

This mobile is outdated now.

Not worth of buying it for 8k.