You can get a $50 discount on the new Galaxy S22 and Tab S8 models from Samsung US

Peter, 09 February 2022

Despite rumors, the US prices of the new Galaxy S22 series are the same as the S21 models from last year. Also contrary to rumors all three models will be available from February 25. Pre-orders start today and if you do order before before the 25th, there are some goodies coming your way.

We have some links that will knock $50 off the regular price for the three models on the official Samsung US store. This means that the Galaxy S22 starts at $750, the S22+ at $950 and the S22 Ultra at $1,150. Note that the $50 discount applies only if you go through these links.

The discounts will appear as $50 instant Store Credit. If you grabbed the $50 reservation bonus that was available before the official unveiling, you are not eligible for this discount. But if you missed the reservation period, these links will get you basically the same discount, so don't feel bad for waiting.

Samsung Galaxy S22 5G Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G
Samsung Galaxy S22 5G • Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G

Pre-ordering a phone now will net you Samsung Credit that you can spend on a Galaxy Watch4 or the Samsung Freestyle projector (you will get $100, $150 or $200 credit for the S22, S22+ or S22 Ultra, respectively). Also, trade-in deals are available for up to $700 in store credit (for the Ultra, up to $500 for the other two).

And don't forget that has exclusive colors: exclusive colorways exclusive colorways exclusive colorways

It’s not just the phones, you can grab one of the new Galaxy Tab S8 slates with a $50 discount. This brings the starting price of the vanilla Tab S8 to $650, the Tab S8+ goes down to $850 and the Tab S8 Ultra to $1,050. Again, the deal only applies for these links to the official Samsung US store.

Note that the starting prices are for the Wi-Fi models – the 5G units are coming soon, except for the Tab S8+ for Verizon, which can be pre-ordered today. There will be 5G tablets for AT&T and T-Mobile, but you have to be patient.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 • Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ • Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

The pre-order goodies for the tablets are a Slim Book Cover Keyboard for the Tab S8 and S8+ and the fancier Backlit Book Cover Keyboard for the Tab S8 Ultra.

There is one final combo discount – pre-ordering any S22 phone will give you a solid 25% discount on any Tab S8 slate.


Reader comments

Don't think there would be much difference. Smartphone these days are boring. I guess there are random sells for Samsung phones every now and then, i see em quite often.

Wrong, you should wait until the next generation hits shelves then buy this. Besides, it's still going to have 3 more years of OS updates and 4 years of security patches. If you need a phone now, you should look at the s21 series on February 25 ...

For a person who spends that kinda money on a phone so unnecessarily, I don't think $50 is neither a deal breaker nor it's going to require them folk cut back on steak for few meals, or brew at home instead paying $10 daily on latte. It...

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