You’ll soon be able to react to a Google Message with any emoji

Enrique, 24 November 2022

Google continues to improve the experience with the default Android messaging app, Google Messages. Following a failed #GetTheMessage campaign highlighting Apple’s lack of RCS support and a new app icon update, Google Messages is now testing the ability to react to a message with any emoji. Previously, reactions were limited to only seven emojis. This news comes from 9to5Google after it previously confirmed the feature by enabling it in a previous version.

Now when you tap and hold an incoming message on the Google Messages app, you can react with any emoji you wish. A new icon in the emoji picker shows the option to add a new emoji that isn’t listed.

Source: 9to5Google Source: 9to5Google Source: 9to5Google
Source: 9to5Google

You can tap on the emoji in the corner of the reacted message and get a closer view of this emoji next to the name of the recipient that reacted with it. If viewing reactions from a group message, all the names and the emojis they reacted with will appear in a pop-up prompt.

Currently, the feature is only available from the latest Google Messages Beta release. We can confirm the change is reflected on our Google Pixel 7 Pro so the update may be rolling out in stages.



Reader comments

  • Hol
  • 08 Jun 2023
  • Bm8

Wish you could pick the 7 that display on the pop up.

it really doesn't. Samsung messages has way less features than google messages. give me some features Samsung messages has and ill reply with double those features that google messages has.

google messages is like the smoothest and best messaging experience out of the ones available on android, not sure what you mean by buggy

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