YouTube begins testing “1080p Premium” stream option on mobile app

YouTube appears to be testing a new option for users streaming YouTube from the mobile app. As spotted by Reddit user u/KZedUK (via This is Tech Today), A new option for stream quality appeared called “1080p Premium” described to have “Enhanced bitrate”. This new stream option will be available for YouTube Premium users and it exists alongside the ‘regular’ 1080p option that’s quite generously compressed.

This is Tech Today speculates that the new “high-bitrate” 1080p option could address users’ desire to watch higher-quality videos, which they address by switching to a 1440p or 2160p (4K) streaming option when available. This new option may offset YouTube’s operating cost to cater to users’ desire to view higher quality video from mobile.

Source: Reddit u/KZedUK

This comes shortly after the news of Susan Wojcicki]’s departure as YouTube’s CEO, though it is yet to be confirmed whether the change is a result of Neil Mohan’s taking over as the new CEO. Android Police also speculates that the “1080p Premium” video option may also put 60fps and 120fps videos behind the YouTube Premium paywall.

We’re curious to know more about YouTube’s new strategy with YouTube Premium moving forward. In December, YouTube was testing an “add to queue” feature from mobile for Android and iOS users with a Premium subscription.


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  • Who cares

You need to fix your recommendations first. Anytime I click on a YouTube video someone sent and I only viewed once or even just for few seconds, the main page is being filled with similar recommended videos. Why? Please stop recommending. I am not in...

That title of this article made me think YouTube was gonna make 1080p a premium feature 😭

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Just use Invidious.