YouTube says all video traffic is being throttled by T-Mobile, even if you opt out of Binge On

Ricky, 23 December, 2015

A YouTube spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal that T-Mobile is throttling all video traffic to its subscribers, whether or not you opted out of Binge On.

Binge On is T-Mobile’s newest Un-Carrier movement that gives customers the freedom to stream video from any of the approved video services without counting against your monthly data allowance.

T-Mobile is receiving a lot of flak from net neutrality supporters deeming that T-Mobile is treating data unfairly and not providing internet that is fair for all internet services.

Magenta hasn’t yet replied to the accusations made by YouTube, but it has said that customers are really enjoying Binge On and “customers love having free streaming video that never hits their data bucket”.

The problem here lies with T-Mobile degrading all other video traffic and not notifying the customer of what’s going on. We have seen situations like these end up in FCC fines *cough* AT&T *cough* where the carrier was throttling its subscribers without their knowledge.

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  • AnonD-356282

Who says I was talking about YouTube?! If YouTube is accusing T-Mobile of throttling, it's most likely throttling other services as well. My point is: it doesn't really matter as long as it's not evident. If HD videos are affected because of it...

  • AnonD-480562

I'm in T-Mobile and no I don't have any issues and YouTube isn't part of the Binge On plan. I use unlimited data plan.

  • p