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  • Santosh Kumar

Its not getting pie upgrade

  • Santosh Kumar

vijay, 05 Feb 2019is any1 received any sign for update the phone officially?No

  • vishal

long term review:

beats redmi in battery
beats redmi in display
Redmi beats in performance
Both have same cameras and both are good.

if you want performance go for redmi
if you want battery go for yu ace

could also try an honor 7a

  • v

My friends are shocked to see fingerprint in 5k phone. Also they are shocked to see front flash. It's not just a soft light . It's actual flash in front. Love this phone. Buy blue

  • Omid 12 Omidvar .

Javed Ali, 27 Jul 2019Best mobile ever in this price range. Only 4999/- on online I... moreThanks brother for your recommendations .But could it have been better.Justice Rights.

  • Javed Ali

Best mobile ever in this price range.
Only 4999/- on online
In my family we have Redmi 5A Redmi 6A and Yu Ace. But the battery backup of this Yu Ace is Best. I can also remove battery if needed. Finger print is Fast. Only camera is average as compared to Redmi . Otherwise this is best phone and I recommend it.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

This phone have great value! ^w^

  • pratiksha

Nayak, 05 Jun 2019This mobile maximum time network problemThis must problem of your location. we have Two Yu Ace in our family. We never face Network issue with both Airtel and Jio.
Also this phone is Dual Volte so no need to install Jio App for calling.

  • Nayak

This mobile maximum time network problem

  • vishal

i had returned this phone because it was small for my use. But i miss it now. Crying. I love Yu Ace. Gonna buy again

  • naren

Very Compact and power packed phone.
1) Battery last for more than two days
2)Removable 4000 mAh Battery.
3)Fast Focusing Camera
4)Very low price 5500/- for 16 GB and 6500/- for 32 GB
5)Stock Android which is customized for Indian users

  • Anmol

vish, 02 Mar 2019bought this phone yesterday. 1 day review - Display is fab Lo... moreBest Phone Much better than Redmi 6A and 5A.
Good for health low SAR Values whereas Chinese brands have highest SAR Values

  • vish

I have now come to the conclusion after using all phones in this category that YU ace is the best. I had earlier written a review here.....and i did mention that battery takes longer to charge..........but you get used to it.......like you dont even notice............I must say..............BEST DISPLAY in this category. Now am a YU fan and will only buy YU phones now on !!!!!!!!

  • naren

vish, 02 Mar 2019bought this phone yesterday. 1 day review - Display is fab Lo... moreThere is a setting to increase the sound volume of speaker called sound enhancement .
Go to setting sound then at bottom you will see Advanced in that at botom Sound enhancement.

  • creations

its great phone to get the job done. Full day battery, never hangs up. Volte on both sims helps a lot. Display , sound, camera, fingerprint, front flash all are fantastic. Negative side is none. Ofcourse battery takes longer to charge , but you wont feel it much once you know it lasts very long.
Its better than 6a, asus l1, and all those phones because you get 4000 mah and finger print and dual volte and front flash which others dont have all in one

  • vish

bought this phone yesterday. 1 day review
Display is fab
Loudspeaker sound volume is average, but it has great quality , i listen to videos and music all day
camera is amazing at day time outdoors, Indoors in day and night is average/below average but with alternate apps or manual setting can get great shots
Battery is where i have doubts, Though a 4000 mah, it lasts about a day only, on heavy use

Biggest con with this device is charging takes 4.5 hours to charge 0 to 100 % while other phones take 2.5 hrs . So i suggest use a fast charger with above 2.5 amp rating. Any other solution to this problem ? I tried with 2 amp but still takes 4 hours

  • vish

Hari, 13 Dec 2018Description Awesome Phone At This Price Fingerprint & Fa... moreuse altenative gallery app like Quick pic or Simple Gallery from playstore

Is there any screen protection or gorilla glass???

  • Ibrahim

Excellent . Backside fingerprint scanner can be used to take selfies. Best battery backup

  • vijay

is any1 received any sign for update the phone officially?