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Abu, 12 Aug 2019Battery not full 100 % change using the phone for 2.5 years and buying it was one of my worst choices.. heats up on normal usage, can't see the display clearly in sunlight, battery drains quickly, can't even charge it to 100%. camera performance is not good and the speaker output is way worse than the other 5 YO phones in my house. DONT BUY!!

  • Abu

Bakkiyaraj, 05 Dec 2018Battery 80% not100% not change ingBattery not full 100 % change

  • Mitesh singh

Excellent Phone. Even after 2 and half years it works smooth without any problems. Best part is it is highly customised for Indian users. This is cheapest 4 GB RAM phone available in India on Flipkart

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2018Battery can't fully charged... Upto 68% is the charge limit on m... moreMy phone is stocked at 80 percent only

  • Oc

I have all the problems
my yunicorn has tis problems:

it heat much ti 55deg celsius
yu has not music player
yu does not have radio
yu wallpapers r not good
yu cant purchase back cover
yu cant have its gorilla glass
yu fp problen
yu not charges fast
yu lags playing pub g
yu support is not good
yu battery problem
yu in summer it gets much hot
yu is odd mobile

so this is not all there r many problems
in my yu yunicorn yu5530

I m feeling bad about this phone

I have spoiled my 10,000/- rs

  • Chikz

Alastair, 23 Feb 2019Worst phone ever I saw seem its fooling the customer 4000mAh bat... moreUsing for past 3 years without any problem.. Solid phone..

  • Alastair

Worst phone ever I saw seem its fooling the customer 4000mAh battery is worst than 2000mAh every week charging problem occurs I think people should read the review properly before buying such a worst company

  • Suraj verma

Change your data cable to charge your phone. Because it's charging cable is bad quality . I change my cable and my problem was solved. Try good quality data cable and it will charge fully and take only 3 -hours

  • Anonymous

Rahul, 16 Oct 2018Soo poor battery I am suffering from 2 weeks its charge only 6... moreChange you charging data cable with good quality cable because default cable is cheep I change the cable and problem solve its charging fast now

  • Janardhan

Am nnot able to change the Lock Password from PIN to None. None is always disabled, when i tried to change from Settings-> Securities.. Can someone help.!!

Is this phone support FM Radio...??
Is there radio in its configration...??

Bakkiyaraj, 05 Dec 2018Battery 80% not100% not change ingDo you really think you can change the battery like you can in the LG V20? You must be very stupid to think that to be honest.

  • Bakkiyaraj

Battery 80% not100% not change ing

  • Gaimei

I cannot turn it on

  • Sunil

All fake specs, 4gbRam Heats up, 4000mah battery dies soon -in a day we need to charge 3 to 4 times

  • Anonymous

Ram, 14 Mar 2018Thanks bro let me give a, tryI tryed but problem not solved

  • Rahul

Ann, 17 Mar 2018My phone is not getting full charge since 1 week..what should I ... moreSoo poor battery I am suffering from 2 weeks its charge only 68% what to do plz help me any problem solution. Hole night I give it change but it charge only 68 or 67% soo bad battery .. Is it prosesor problem or software. Marshmallow.

  • Sanjay

Qwert, 27 Oct 2017Hey guys I have found the solution to the Battery Problem in Yu ... moreI done it but same issue.... problem not solved???

  • Joti

AnonD-409379, 17 May 2018Hey my friend.... please root this mobile, after that you will b... moreNot full charge

  • Pawan

I don't know why..the phone is just showing Yunicorn Symbol...It is not switching On.........Please help me out