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  • Anonymous

zolomon, 09 Jun 2018the worst phone ever it never works...just every time when i use... morePlease give new update yu4711

  • klifetechsupport

Jack, 21 Feb 2016Can you please someone help me?? My Yu yunique mobile switched o... moreCharge it for sometime,
Then hard reset it by pressing low volume key and power button.

  • klifetechsupport

AnonD-510443, 03 Mar 2016Damn...it was one of the greatest mistake of my life to buy this... moreFollow the following steps:
1) Charge the phone,
2) Press low volume button and power button at the same time for 4-5 seconds.
3) The phone will be hard reset.
4) Press power button
5) Click on Reset option appearing on mobile device
6) Click ok
7) Your device will work properly
8) Make sure to delete any application that is not installed by you.

the worst phone ever it never works...just every time when i use it..it gets stuck..with no response i think they should stop creating this type of useless phones........wastage of money if u purchase it.......

  • Anonymous

Rajat Verma, 16 Feb 2017I have Yu Yuphoria it charges 5℅ to 100℅ in ... moreSame here

  • AnonD-716026

The name for this phone is definitely "unique" ;)

  • Dev

Adm, 17 Oct 2016I am facing the same choice.. So which one did you decide th... moreYuphoria is good.

  • Allen

Shiv, 13 Dec 2016Heats much, increases brightness automaticallyAndroid 5.1.1 bug has heating problems and apparently there is no solution yet

  • Arjun

Piyoosh , 16 Jul 2017My yu 4711 4g phone gets overheated on normal use. Battery is dr... moreYour jio app unistal ur phone automatically recover

  • AnonD-667897

AnonD-683152, 08 Jul 2017It's been already an year since i bought this phone. I just want... moreCan you tell me that which recovery did you used to flash lineage os and also if you used twrp to flash it then which version of twrp you used.

  • Tushar

Worst phone ever I have used till date. Nothing is good in this phone....
Battery problem, display problem, software problem, charging problem, no battery backup, worst phnone ever

  • ashwani sharma

Subham, 24 Jan 2017Not working selfie stickHow to connect selfi stick ?

  • Anonymous

Piyoosh , 16 Jul 2017My yu 4711 4g phone gets overheated on normal use. Battery is dr... moreSame width me


i need yunique yu4711 body

  • karan

Piyoosh , 16 Jul 2017My yu 4711 4g phone gets overheated on normal use. Battery is dr... moretake a water and but into water ok va


One thing is sure its works excelent with in warenty period latter trust in god my yu mobile mother bord damaged now its cost Rs.0/-

  • Sunny manoj

MaxWell, 10 Apr 2017Overheat Problems. Brightness change automatically even when no... moreYes IAM facing same issue brightness rasing unknowingly

  • Piyoosh

My yu 4711 4g phone gets overheated on normal use. Battery is draining fast. Is this problem only with me or it's same with other users also? Please answer me.

  • AnonD-683152

It's been already an year since i bought this phone. I just want to share some experience according to my perception regarding this phone... This is one of the cheapest and best phone I'm using after nexus 5 yes my friends this is my alternate phone but i found this phone a bit laggy and consumed heavy ram management in background but only in stock rom. Later after some months of use I unlocked it's bootloader and simply flashed a custom recovery and a custom official rom by lineage os which runs Android version 7.1.2 trust me guys this phone is designed only for custom roms cause it's literally buttery smooth with nougat. No need of root until an unless u need an administrator privilege in this phone... And if u guys plan for custom rom then remember to flash the micro version of gapps cause i got the 1gb ram variant and it's much smoother than the stock or others... So yup i am happy with it. All apps an shits r working perfectly... I wish yu mobile could develop some official ota updates for everyone cause when android one was launched even google pushed promised updates with latest os and security patches till 2yrs... But still at last it's all about custom rom so it doesn't matters... And don't believe in others neither believe in me cause everyone guides u according to there mind perception. So those who r really interested in flashing or rooting kindly study the cons and pros of the process and then proceed further but by urself. If u guys can use ur Mobile data/broadband for shitty whatsapp or Instagram videos like bullshit dhinchak and what not then trust me u r doing a great thing by learning some android development on the web. Try to educate urself peoples, cause this is 21st century... And those who gets afraid of flashing and all let me tell u. Ur android phone is an open source device remember this, u have right to modify ur android system according to u. As people buy a pc or laptop and later they install any os according to there choice so, same as that in android we call it custom roms not (read only memory) it's called the firmware in android language and second is the gapps which is necessary to flash after flashing the rom cause through gapps u get android app management access by google services... Gapps stands for (google apps) an application package... So these r some quick tips for those who want to learn about these process. What Telecom brand companies do is they extract the official source code of that particular os version and add some security patches and skin layers above it and then they finally releases it which is the only reason which makes ur phone laggy cause they provide some premium apps which comes pre-loaded in the device, yes u can manually disable those apps but still they don't focus on ota updates instead they focus in there new models, that's y companies os versions r outdated but very much stable and in custom rom developer develops the latest os build with latest version but every week u have to download an package of ur custom rom which u r using and manually have to update it. Cause custom roms come with some minor bugs so it's developed regularly for the bug and security fixes... That's it... And sorry for my r.i.p English...