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I have a question .....is this an Indian brand phone ??

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    • TenU
    • g}w
    • 04 Oct 2019

    Ajay, 19 May 2019It's 4g or not Yes it's 4g

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      • Ajay
      • rAW
      • 19 May 2019

      It's 4g or not

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        • ashish sharma
        • U@f
        • 11 Mar 2019

        this smartphone is very particular mobile nd very good looking and good parpormaction

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          • pranav
          • gNU
          • 16 Nov 2018

          i using this phone last three years. but phone is still in good conditions in terms of camera and performance. this is my 2nd YU brand pone.

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            • M.raffic
            • D02
            • 22 Oct 2018

            Mukesh, 25 Aug 2017I purchased YU5510A for my daughter, a Micromax smart phone... moreIf you have PC just flash cm 12.1 search in google or YouTube

              • y
              • yogendra
              • utR
              • 05 Sep 2018

              very bad phone charging problem never buy this phone.

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                • Anket
                • XSG
                • 08 Aug 2018

                I am using yu yureka plus (YU5510) in last 3 years.the phone is awesome in terms of camera quality due to having sony's EXMOR sensor and 5P largan blue lens technology (my friends like camera quality of it's even using their 20,000k phones)and speed but the problems are heating and due to heating its battery get drain fast but after using custom ROM of linage os 14.1 the heating and battery draining issue is solved.right now I don't have any problems.

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                  • Deepali
                  • GX3
                  • 11 Jun 2018

                  Worst mobile ever .............charging problems .junk problem . hitting problem ...don't buy this phone ..this is actually waste of money

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • DkQ
                    • 10 Jun 2018

                    In my mobile yurekha plus had some problem if call is incoming there is not screening on screen but ring tone comes how to solve it

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                      • AnonD-332954
                      • gM5
                      • 18 Apr 2018

                      AnonD-671490, 05 Jan 2018Yes it does just upgrade to custom nougat rom and feel the ... morehow to install it.

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                        • AnonD-744578
                        • bER
                        • 14 Mar 2018

                        where can i get custom nougat rom

                          • D
                          • AnonD-671490
                          • uvj
                          • 05 Jan 2018

                          For all those who are facing heating or battery draining problem install resurrection Remix ROM v5.8.3 official (android nougat 7.1.2). i have been using it for 7 months now with no issues...

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                            • AnonD-671490
                            • uvj
                            • 05 Jan 2018

                            AnonD-697260, 05 Sep 2017May be this time it is affected with virus. In my opinion, ... moreMicromax justr does rebranding but this phone is only good if you cand get your self on a custom stable rom especially a nougat version one.

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                              • AnonD-671490
                              • uvj
                              • 05 Jan 2018

                              Arbaz, 27 Dec 2017It support otg?Yes it does just upgrade to custom nougat rom and feel the difference

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                                • AnonD-671490
                                • uvj
                                • 05 Jan 2018

                                Yashas, 21 Dec 2017Worst mobile on the earth. While charger is connected inste... morechange to a custom nougat rom like resurrection remix or any other one. There are tons of custom roms out which solves battery draining problem and heating issues too..

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                                  • Arbaz
                                  • yZt
                                  • 27 Dec 2017

                                  It support otg?

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                                    • Yashas
                                    • D01
                                    • 21 Dec 2017

                                    Worst mobile on the earth. While charger is connected instead of charging it'll discharges. Heats very much like can't even hold it in your bare hand. No proper service available. Totally a piece of junk. I'm regretting for my money. Never buy this one. Plz...

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                                      • ajith
                                      • vGv
                                      • 21 Nov 2017

                                      my phone's battery draining very fast why

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                                        • karthik
                                        • t}A
                                        • 16 Nov 2017

                                        charging problem and virus issues and no updates and ... automatically restarting problem