Zeiss prescription lenses for Apple's Vision Pro could run $300 per pair

Ivan, 07 June 2023

Apple's revolutionary Vision Pro AR/VR headset is still fresh and there are many questions left unanswered. One of those is the price of the prescription lenses for people that need them to use the thing.

Well, Bloomberg correspondent Mark Gurman guesses that a pair of Zeiss lenses for the Vision Pro could cost between $300 and $600. It's a hefty figure but hardly surprising, considering that Apple sells feet for the Mac Pro for $299, and wheels for the Mac Pro for $699.

And it's not like anyone would buy a $3,500 headset and then refuse to pay for lenses needed to use it.

Then again, Zeiss already makes add-on lenses for VR headsets and they range in the €70-€100 range, so some hope remains.


Reader comments

stop whining about battery, apple has certanly have a solution for that, like this: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/N4PSTM4I0NA/maxresdefault.jpg

So you pay thousands of dollars for a vision based product and still have to pay more for a glasses to use on a glass that's going to help you see well on a the glass screen. We should have prescription glasses for phones and some more prescrip...

  • Rich
  • 11 Jun 2023
  • Ab@

Even more crazy....... Apples 2020 MBA is still being sold at full MSRP....even though it’s halfway through update cycle....

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